2010 Predictions

Everyone is doing it so I thought I would jump in and make some predictions for the New Year.

Here they are

  1. WAR will stop loosing subscribers and start a slow and steady climb up. It will get a huge infusion of players when an expansion is announced that introduces a third faction
  2. Aion will continue to lose subscribers and will settle at about 200k it will merge servers and will release most of the features in its visions trailer. The first features to be released will be the graphics enhancements and player housing.
  3. WoW will not release Cataclysm and will bleed subscribers as people burn out and run out of content. Most of them will go to F2P games
  4. Star Trek Online will be just like champions online nice opening numbers and people will quickly quit because it does not have any content.
  5. Mortal Online will release and will not totally suck like Darkfall did
  6. Syncaine at Casual Hardcore will burn out on Darkfall and his post will turn into DF hate posts as he switches to Mortal Online or FreeRealms he will deny ever loving DF and delete all of his DF love posts.

And a few long shot predictions

  1. WAR or/and Lotro will go F2P
  2. Everquest 3 (Different name Norrath Online) will be announced and this will be the WoW killer (2011 prediction). It will also be F2P with a subscription option
  3. We will see no AAA titles released this year
  4. Star Wars Galaxies will be shutdown

There you go!


5 Responses to 2010 Predictions

  1. I agree on most points, but WoW:C will be SURELY released, and imo WAR will die. I logged in a few days ago, and it was really bad to see what happened 😦 all of the servers were merged, still not eough players in europe. I hope SWGO will come out, but Mortal Online will be my mmo this year.

  2. forgot to mention, that WAR can survive if it goes F2P, coz its ofc 100x times better than any f2p title, and it has loads of content.

  3. Jim says:

    WAR has by far the best pvp game out there. With a few tweaks it can grow.

    I think if they go f2p like DDO and charge like 10 bucks for each pairing and charge for scenarios. It is already very well broken up I think it could switch over real easy

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