MMO Tourist

For some reason SynCaine over at Hardcore Casual believes that tourist are bad and that MMO Tourist only try the game for a few hours then head back to WoW.

“The only ones who are likely to leave before the first ten levels are up are indeed the tourists, people just looking to ‘check out’ a game, but knowing that short of being blown away completely, they will move on after seeing the new shiny. And if that shiny is not shown 100% to them immediately, out they go a week or so early than they planned.”

I happen to be a tourist and this is what usually happens when I try a new game. If I don’t like it immediately I will not continue to play it. This is really hurting new games because almost everyone has already played a game like this and will move on if they are not blown away. .

Tourist are not bad, they are something that the developers need to plan for and if they play it right they will keep a lot of them for more than one month and maybe even some for years. I was just “checking out” Aion and I have now given them 3 months subscription and I don’t plan on stopping unless STO is good.

If I were not a tourist I would have never tried Aion the game was not on my radar at all. Seriously who plays a game where the dudes look like girls and have fucking angel wings? It is really not my thing but because of my obsession to play every new MMO, I tried it, liked it, and it has provided me 3 months of entertainment. In the end that is all I ask for out of a game.

I play games to have fun and if a games fails to entertain me in the first 30 mins it has failed. That does not mean make it easy it just needs to be entertaining. I will usually suffer through the game for longer just because I paid for it but I know very soon if I will be sticking with it.


5 Responses to MMO Tourist

  1. SynCaine says:

    I’m entertained that the two related posts automatically generated are both from my blog, about this very subject.

    • Jim says:

      That is entertaining. I did not even need to link to you it would of done it for me.

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  3. RJGiskard says:

    Personally, I’d rather see games targeting a specific audience, even if niche, and developing the game around that target audience, rather than trying to appease ‘everyone’, most especially the casual tourist.

    Kinda what Darkfall’s doing.

    SWG is the perfect example of what NOT to do. They actually *had* the perfect audience (people who wanted to play in a sandbox in the SWG universe) happily playing, then tried to change the game to match the WoW factor, which completely ruined it.

    I think (hope) the gaming industry is finally coming around to fully realising that a game doesn’t *need* a huge audience to be successful – get a good, stable player base, keep *them* happy, grow slowly, bring in consistent money.

    • Jim says:

      I agree with you. I am tired of games trying to be WoW. There is a reason that I do not play WoW. I understand that Aion is almost just like it and I like Aion but I know that it will not be a long term game for me.

      But I will “Check out” niche games just like I do main stream ones. I have played DF and Fallen Earth. I did not enjoy them much but I still played them for a bit.

      Did me browsing either one of those game hurt the game? I don’t think it did. I gave each one $50 for the chance to play it for a few hours.

      SWG did probably one of the stupidest things a live game has ever done. They took a fun and original progression system and totally screwed it up. I am still upset about it if i think of it.

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