Star Trek Online

Continuing with my tourist themed post, I have decided to pre-order STO and try out the open beta. Ever since SWG was screwed up I have been waiting for a good sci-fi game. I know EVE is out there and I try it every once in awhile but it just does not scratch that itch. Will STO be that game? I really do not know, but I have got to try it. I just hope that it does not suffer from the same problem I had with Champions Online of running out of quests. That is a total deal breaker for me especially in a theme park game like CO.

I really do not know anything about the game. I have not been following it and I have no idea what it’s Major “features” are. But it does have one thing going for it and that is Star Trek. It is one of the most complete sci-fi worlds in existence and it can go almost anywhere with it and that is exciting.

Pre-order Star Trek Online

One Response to Star Trek Online

  1. hey! nice one. write some beta review pls if youll have time. i just preordered global agenda myself and dont want to preored something else if im not sure its good. and after seeing the videos and pictures im still not sure… ive played CO and i think its gonna be the same with star trek textures. its impossible for such a small crew to create a whole other mmo in such a short time. but well see.

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