Star Trek Online First Impressions

I have managed to play this game for a few hours now and have some first impressions to post. These are going to be in bullet form because I want to play some more and I am lazy.


  • No bridge/ship to walk around on. This is a really big disappointment to me. I want to control my ship from the bridge just like they do in all the movies. I at least want an option to walk around on it.
  • Travel is lame. When you warp you go into sector space and you fly around to the different areas you want to see. It looks like a 3d galaxy map. I would rather have a map and select the place you want to go and warp there. Let it take a few minutes and let me stop randomly along the way. The galaxy does not seem to meld together in any way.
  • No sense of exploration. With sector space and no sense of travel all exploration is lost. I think this will change as I level up and the game starts to make sense but right now it is a real downer. I want to get lost in space. I think they tried to make it to theme park like and it should not be a theme park game.


  • The game is fun. If you forget it is supposed to be star trek and just play it as a sci-fi game it is really fun
  • The missions so far are very story driven and are pretty good and very fun
  • It is pretty.

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One Response to Star Trek Online First Impressions

  1. Ardua says:

    You can get to your bridge using the little drop down menu on the mini map as far as I recall. Certainly I’ve already been invited to a bridge, but no you don’t control the ship from one.

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