Star Trek Online: A few suggestions!

Star Trek Online has been my main form of entertainment since head start began. There are a few things that are really ruining the immersion of the Star Trek world for me. These have been brought up before by other people but I have some simple solutions that I believe would work very well. I am still not ready to give it a review but these things are bugging me and I need to complain

  • Zoning and sector space: There is a lot of zoning and it is very distracting, and sector space could use some work. I propose that you are able to bring up the galaxy map at any time and set a course for anywhere all zoning is done automatically. When you zone a warp like video is shown instead of the screen shots and the transition is somehow smoothed out so it looks like you are entering warp not zoning. Sector space should have the grid removed and less people per zone maybe 2 or 3. If this is not possible they could remove the squares around the people in sector space so they are not so obvious. These steps would be easy to implement and I believe would add a large amount of polish to the title.
  • Feel of progression: I have played a little over 10 hours and I am only level 6. I do not feel I have gained much power in that time and it is beginning to wear on me. They should add an option to get a new ship at level 5 that is a slight upgrade to your starter one. They should also make kills worth about 5 times the skill points they currently are. I can spend 25 minutes fighting ships and only make like 5 skill points this is entirely unacceptable and makes you find ways to avoid fighting because it takes so long. I don’t want the fights shortened they are nice this way but I want something for my time.
  • Chat format and bag space: These are very minor but the chat format is extremely annoying. I do not need to know the zone people are in and I don’t need their full name. Half of the first line of chat is useless info. Make an option to turn off zone info and an option to only show account name. There are too many different types of crafting materials make a separate bag for it.

I am enjoying the game a lot and these should not been seen as me hating the game.

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