Star Trek Online Instruction Manual

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I think I am going to break a record today. This is my third post today.

Well during my lunch break I went to the local Bestbuy and picked up my copy of STO and quickly tore it open. I don’t really know why I do this because I will not be able to play until I get home and I don’t even need to install it because I have been playing the head start. Anyway that is not my point. So I rip it open and take out the manual and low and behold it is only 15 pages long 4 of those are installation instruction and contact information. While this is better than the Champions Online one, it is still complete crap. Developers please start putting the time in for a decent manual and maybe a map. I would pay $10 extra for a good manual and map.

The disk looks cool though!

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One Response to Star Trek Online Instruction Manual

  1. Ricard says:

    OK. It’s now November 1, and the Users Manual is still an absolute piece of crap! None of the icons are explained. The text refers to “buttons” and “slots”, and other features and tools and so on and so forth that are never pointed out or descirbed at all.

    The developers say, “STO is designed for everyone to enjoy.” My Foot! No one can even understand how to use the damn thing! The only people who could possibly be enjoying this mess so far must be teenage high school drop-out morons with nothing else to do except waste their time screwing with this game.

    Watch out, Star Trek fans. STO is very exciting and it seems to promise a great game …eventually, in some hopefully near future, but NOT YET. Pleeeaaazzze don’t plunk down ANY money for this thing until the developers start to “design” it –and document it– for “everyone to enjoy”. If you give them money for this now, I promise you that you will regret it!

    Live long and prosper,

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