WAR Patch 1.3.4: I disagree

There seems to be a lot of negativity
surrounding the new patch that mythic has released and I completely disagree with these people. Something needed to be done about scenarios never popping it is crazy to go through 2 tiers of the game and not be able to play in scenarios because none of them are popping.

Will this fix that problem? I am guessing it will help a lot. You now have the same amount of people queuing for fewer scenarios. As these bloggers have pointed out scenarios are one of WAR’s best features but they are not great if no one can play them. I find that in real world playing really only one scenario map is played per tier any way. I personally think they should add cross server queues and leave all of the scenarios in.

WAR has got to do something to get players to stay in the game. I have said ever since release that the game spread its players out to thin and they needed to funnel them better for PVP. They are doing it and I think it is for the better. Now if they would just make T4 RVR more about fighting and less about avoiding fights.


3 Responses to WAR Patch 1.3.4: I disagree

  1. Grimnir says:

    I play on two different servers and never have a problem getting scenarios to pop with the current rules. I can see your argument in T2-T3 during off hours, but recently leveling 3 toons I really didn’t notice a lack of scenarios there either. For T4 there’s no excuse at all, a single scenario is left out of 12.

    The brackets haven’t changed. T1 plays with T1, T2 plays with T2. The amount of scenarios available have dropped by 75%. You unlock 2 in T1, 1 in T2, 2 in T3, and 1 in T4.

    6 Scenarios to play for the rest of your WAR career, aside from weekend events (which one would hope would be every single weekend). 18 months of the system changed overnight with no warning at all. Wherever Mythic got their feedback from needs to change, because it certainly isn’t coming from the majority of people that play the game.

  2. Jim says:

    I have not leveled a toon in a while but about 6 months ago tiers 2 and 3 were horrible. I think that through testing they will end up adding more back in.

    I do not believe that t4 should of been touched. I have never had a problem with them.

  3. Bolivia says:

    I’m playing at EU. And in my opinnion cross server SC won’t help since there’s only 2 active Realm. I have toons in both Realms and when SC’s starts not poping, they aint poping at the both servers.

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