Hoopla over the C-Store

It seems a lot of people have a strong opinion over cryptic charging for different federation races at release. It has taken me awhile to decide what I think about this type practice. On one hand I don’t really want to play either race so it really does not bother me that much. On the other what happens when they do want to charge me for something I want?

I think the root of the problem that people are having with this is that cryptic is still charging a full subscription price for the game. I think if they lowered the price to $9.99 a month or offered you 500 cryptic points each month people would not be bothered by it. I would defiantly like the 9.99 per month subscription rate.

This is just the tip of the iceberg though. They will start to offer ships, weapons, uniforms, and various other items. When they start to do this people start to feel that they need to buy everything, instead of people just telling cryptic to take a flying leap they will actually buy it. That is why they do it; players purchase these items and still pay the monthly fee. The only repercussions that they get are some angry bloggers and forum posters.

My over all feelings for this is that I don’t really care. They can try what they want. I will not buy any of it until they lower the subscription costs.


2 Responses to Hoopla over the C-Store

  1. I was a bit annoyed by it but actually after seeing just how cheap points are, I’m not bothered. Still though, charging for playable races is not going to win them any favours from the fans.

  2. Jim says:

    I have a feeling that the new star trek fans that this game is going to bring to the genre are going to be an especially hard bunch of people please.

    I don’t mind most micro transactions. I normally just don’t purchase them.

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