The queues in Star Trek online are unacceptable

I have tried to play STO about 3 times so far this weekend and two times the server has been down and the most recent time I got in, got disconnected, and put in a Queue that I have been in for 35mins so far.

I know that other games have had queues but those other games also had servers that did not require a queue and if I really wanted to play I could choose one of those and play. This game does not have another server I can choose from. Most of the launches I have been through in the last 3 years never really even effected my ability to play.

What is even worse is that they had this problem in open beta and did not do anything about it. The instancing they use is supposed to make queuing a thing of the past. They had the pre-order numbers they knew their servers could not handle the open beta numbers yet it still has not been fixed. They have taken millions of dollars from people that are stupid enough to pay for the life time subscription and they still cannot get severs quickly.

I am convinced the Cryptic has no idea what they are doing even after launching 3 titles. Their inability to learn from any of their past mistakes has me seriously wondering how they plan on running a game based on such a large IP.

I do not see me putting up with this for much longer. It took me about 20 mins to write this and I am still in the queue.

5 Responses to The queues in Star Trek online are unacceptable

  1. Wow. These Cryptic guys are real asses sometimes.

    Off: I just re-started WAR with a Choppa, just like you did a few month ago. But this time my GF also started playing, so hopefully we can grind t2-t3 together till endgame. I really feel like PVP-wise WAR is still the best game out there atm (never tried darkfall, but i feel like its not my cup of tea), dunno why it has such a low population…

    btw i bought global agenda. its not bad, if ure into mmofps stuff u should try it. but many good looking mmofpses are on the way too (agency, APB)

  2. sms1976 says:

    It took you 20 minutes to write that? Holy crap dude, take a typing class.

  3. Jim says:

    It was not the typing. I get interruptions like my wife, kids, cats, randomly surfing the web,checking my queue status, stuff like that.

  4. Jim says:

    Yeah I still feel WAR is the best PVP game out right now. I think I am just getting sick of the genre in general.

  5. Jim says:

    By the way I am still in the same Queue

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