Curse you Cryptic!

I am about to make it to Lt. Cmdr. When I do I am going to take a good look at the game and decide if I want to continue with this game. I have a strong feeling that I will not want to continue. There does not seem to be any depth to the game. But I will wait until I reach Lt. Cmdr and do a few quests with my new awesome ship before I decide for sure. I do have one big problem if I decide not to continue on with STO. What game should I play instead?

I am running through a few options.

GuildWars: This game is free, beautiful and fun. I played it a lot when it came out and after each expansion came out. It is a great game but I am not sure how much play time it has left for me. I could replay all of the campaigns with a new character or try out some of the new content that has been introduced. The biggest problem that I have with GW is the same problem I have with STO, it is very instanced. Now GWs does the instancing thing very well compared to STO but it is still a problem for me.

Age of Conan: I have retried this game 2 times since I have started this blog and every time it has ended in failure. The main reason I have for quitting is map layout it is horribly done and ruins the immersion of the game for me. But after playing STO and Champions Online I have come to realize it can be done worse and maybe it takes some time to get used to. The combat is fun the individual maps are very large and beautiful, the lore is nice, and probably most important it is the only game I can play that has really sexy women in it.

Warhammer Online: Good ole WAR! This is probably the least likely for me to try for awhile. They still need to do something about city sieges being too often and something about T2-3 having people to play with. The endless trial has had a good effect on the game I just think the devs need a little more time to get things really working for city sieges. But I do love the game and will probably return to it sometime this year and stay for a good long while.

World of Warcraft: It has been a long time since I have been to azeroth. It has a great immersion factor the world is alive and beautiful. Why not go back to WoW? Well for one I have played through most of the game and really do not have any urge to raid. Never have liked raiding and never will like it and from what I hear that is about all there is to do any more.

Taking a break: While this may be the hardest for me; it may also be the best for my feeling of been there done that. I have a large backlog of Xbox games I have not even played. I just got a new flat screen TV so that makes it look even better. The problem with this is it is winter, and winter in the Pacific Northwest is very very wet. So I could not supplement my non gaming time with activities outside.

Those are the options that are going through my head if I decide not to play STO. It is a lot to think about.


2 Responses to Curse you Cryptic!

  1. Ive seen this coming about STO :S… As I said before we’ve returned to WAR with my GF, and really loving it ATM (T2 is again full of life, they say T3 is still worse, but we will get through that in a week or so, and T4 is great again).

    And I re-downloaded AOC too, but i dont feel like continuing my Barb (lvl 50-ish), so maybe Im gonna start a new char.

    Wow is out of question for me, so yes. Those are the 2 possible games, I cannot name anything I wanted to play except AOC and WAR atm.

  2. Jim says:

    If it were summer I would probably not think twice about just taking a few months off of MMOs. But winter here is really unpleasant.

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