Back To WoW!

I have returned to World of Warcraft after 2 year of being away. I am doing the 10 day free trial and I will decide if I will continue at that point. What brought me to this decision is the failure of Star Trek Online to keep me entertained for more than a few weeks. At that point I looked at my gaming history and noticed that I had given all the other MMOs multiple tries and it had been a long time since I had played WoW for longer than an hour. So I reactivated my account and started playing an old alt lvl 20 Mage.

After hours of getting addons installed and working properly and getting my keybindings just right I headed out on my level 20 mage and wanted to head to Darnassus because I remember enjoying this zone and I think it is close to my level. I head to the docs in the wetlands hop on the boat and end up in Northend. That was strange, so I headed back and tried the other ship thinking they moved it or something. That also did not take me where I wanted to go. At that point I need to cook dinner and logged off.

I have found out since then that they moved it to Stormwind. I will head there today and continue my adventures.

I am really turned off my character models they are just hideous. I had forgotten how big the world is and how alive it feels next to other MMOs.


One Response to Back To WoW!

  1. Dorin says:

    I was in wow for a good few years since launch. It gets a lot of things right but a mixture heavy grind, awful models and immature player base stops me feeling a need to return. This is a large generalisation if course. I enjoyed a lot of it while there as I had a good guild, something think crucial in wow.

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