Back to WoW Day 1!

Well I got to play for a few hours last night. I started with my Mage and I finally figured out where they moved the boat that goes to Darnassus to, it is now in stormwind in case anyone is wondering. So I made my way to there and commenced questing.

The quests are about as generic as I remember them, but the world feels so alive compared to the more recent mmos I have been playing. There is such attention to detail that I feel like I am actually walking around in a giant forest. It is really refreshing.

I quickly got tired of the mage and decided to start a new character and I settled on a Gnome Warrior. I have never played a warrior in any game so I decided I would see what “Tank” life is like. I quickly got the character to level 7 and logged out for the night.

The night was the most enjoyable time I have had playing since the beginning of Warhammer Online. I am glad that I chose to try out WoW again. I was beginning to feel that I was just sick of the entire genre. I must say I love a good Theme Park.

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