World of Warcraft leveling

The last time I really played WoW was about 3-4 years ago. I played a hunter from release all the way up to level 52. I know a newb but I was talking to my brother in-law who just recently got into WoW and he is level 70ish, we were talking about played time and how it seemed to me that leveling had gotten much easier. So I logged onto my original hunter and /played….. 12 days played, logged onto my level 20 mage and 2 days played.

His character only has 3 days played. So while this is not proof because I am a notorious slow leveler it still shows a significant difference in leveling time required. The question is why? I thought at the time that I was playing my hunter that leveling was perfectly fine and if I had put my heart in it I could have made 60 easily in the time that I had played. Now I am just 4 hours in and I am already level 10 on my new character.

It seems that with each expansion of the level cap they made the new leveling cure about the same as it was before. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of raising the cap? I can see that Blizzard wants to get everyone to the cap so that they can just focus on that content and make it better and expand it without alienating the leveling masses. But while I am playing through this beginner content again it is a shame. There is so much good stuff here I would like to be able to explore it more but before I know it I am moving on to the next area. There is a ton of content that just got skipped over because I out leveled it.

When Catacysm comes out they are going to find out that they need to lower the leveling speed a bit so people can enjoy all the new content that it is going to bring otherwise it will be hundreds of hours of content wasted.

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