I have written on this topic many times but this time it is a little different. I was starting to not like gaming at all. This is very strange for some one that has enjoyed games most of his life. So I stopped playing games for awhile to recharge and analyze why I like to play games. It has been about a month and I am starting to look at MMOs again. I took sony up on the $5 for 3 days subscription and that was some fun but I really can’t see me playing the game for much longer than that.

I am not sure that I even want to play mmos. I may have moved onto “casual” games. I just don’t have the time to dedicate to a game anymore and if you cannot dedicate yourself to it why play? On a good week I will get maybe 1 hour of continuous play time. This is just not enough play time after you get past level 10 in most games.

So do I try making more time for gaming? Do I cut down on the number of tv shows that I follow? Do I lock my kids in a kennel and put on head phones? Do I sleep less? Sleep is for n00bs.

I have come to the conclusion that I am going to try to pick a game and just stick to casually and see how it goes. I will probably cut back on TV watching because I really don’t like the shows that much anyway. I will try to chronicle each game I try until I pick one. I will try one game for one week and then write a mini review on it. If anyone has any suggestions I would be willing to try that. I will do this until I run out of games that I want to try again.

I will post a new post with more details on this developing idea.


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