The Great MMO tour of 2010 or TGMT2010

Here is how it works.

I will go back to or try various mmos for one week (Suggestions are welcome) after that time I will post a mini review of what I thought and rather or not I want to explore it further.

Each Sunday I will start a new MMO for that week because that seems to be the day that I am able to play the most. I will use a trial or active time if I have any. If the game does not have a trial of some sort I will not pay to try it.

At the end of the week I will decide if I want to give this game a longer trial and put it on a list of games that I will subscribe to for a month in this way I hope to weed it down to a game that I will play for a bit. It will also be fun to go through all of them and write a review for them.

I will keep a list on this post of the games that I try, and link to the review. I am going to start with STO and Champions Online because I have an active subscription to those 2 and would like to use it. The EQ2 review will be up later this week.

MMO Schedule

  • Everquest 2-Review
  • Star Trek Online
  • Champions Online

Games I am going to try

  • Allods Online
  • EVE
  • Warhammer
  • Ultima Online
  • Everquest
  • Anarchy Online
  • Darkfall?
  • Age of Conan
  • Vanguard
  • Dark Age of Camelot
  • Runes of Magic

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