I told you so!

I am still alive, there is just a lot happening in my life and blogging has kinda fallen off. But I had to pop in here and say that I predicted Lotro going free to play in my 2010 predictions.


A game play update while I am at it. I got tired of most games and started to look at F2P games as a way to just pop in and out of games with out costing any money. So I started to play Runes of Magic. It has been a fantastic experience so far. I am level 30 and I would recommend every one to at least try it. They have moved out of copy wow stage and are doing their own thing.

I have also pre-ordered APB. I know it is not technically an mmo but I love GTA and it looks like fun. I also really like the pricing structure because it fits with my new casual gaming style.

Life is getting back to normal so I expect to start blogging a little more.


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