Salzenmund: Great game design

I have recently started to level a DoK up in WAR. The highest destruction character that I have is level 15 and I have never leveled through Nordland on the destruction side before.

So I am thoroughly enjoying the new streamlined quest and having a blast when I get this quest to go through a smugglers tunnel. I go through the tunnel and on the other side is a town under siege. NPCs are fighting each other, buildings are on fire. It looks really nice and has a great WAR feeling to it.

Then I notice that there is a PQ in middle of this area and a few quest lines that take place in this town that is under siege. The quest all by themselves are pretty run of the mill quests but when you wrap all the other lore that is taking place in this area the quests become great. I had a blast running around and convincing a priest that everyone was cheating him and he should go crazy and kill people.

This has shown me that if you make areas that are interconnected with stories, quests and activities that I will actually get into the story. So many of the quests don’t seem to really relate in a good way to what is going on around almost all MMOs are guilty of this. I hope that I run into some more of these areas.


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