Champions Online Recent Changes

I tried out the new patch and it is not pretty. I had already managed to skip a lot of quest so I am stuck doing quests that are 3 – 4 levels above me. Taking mobs that are higher level than you is next to impossible.

The patch just made me feel weak and less hero like. They also nerfed quest xp which is a really really bad idea. They barely have enough content as it is. If you slow people down they are going to run out of content. This game was not designed for grinding, making people grind is bad.

This game was a bunch of fun in open beta when leveling was fast and you felt like a super hero. They have now gotten lots of money out of people based on those impressions and changed it to a grind that is not very fun. They need to start listening to the players and stop listening to the designers that believe it should be this way regardless of the fun factor. I am very glad I did not fall for the hype and by a lifetime.  If they continue this trend I will be heading back to WAR real fast.


Champions Online: Huge nerf to defensive powers.

I have not tried it yet but the forums are going crazy. Sounds like they screwed up pretty bad, of course this is the forums so take it with a grain of salt. I will test it tonight. But until then check out this huge thread.

If what they say is true this is a huge blow to the super hero feel of the game. I already struggled with more than 3 opponents so this could really screw me over. I did fight some people in PVP that would not seem to die so I assume that is what this was addressing.

Champions: State of the Game: Launch Day Special!

From Champions Online

It’s been an amazing early start weekend, and we’ve been burning the midnight neutronium responding to issues you’ve found and following your suggestions to make the game feel and play better. It’s never too early to start that communication between players and developers, so we’ve carried that essential interaction from beta right into the game launching. We’re reading and listening, and addressing things as quickly as we can.

Based on your play experiences and feedback, we’re making some adjustments in anticipation of the rest of the gaming universe joining us! Here’s the skinny on what we’re up to.

A good number of players have noted that the game isn’t challenging enough, especially at higher levels. We’re usually going to initially err on the side of it being too easy, and then trial and dial in on just the right balance as best we can. We’ve made a couple of broader course corrections over the past weeks, and we’re very close to the experience we all want. To further that direction, we’re doing some fine tuning in the following areas:

We reduced the effectiveness of Slotted Passive Defense powers, Active Defense powers, and Defense from upgrades. The total bonus of all combined defenses was reduced from a 75% net defense bonus to a 66% net bonus. The biggest change was made within the Passive Defense powers which our players noted were far too effective and trivialized the threat form Henchmen level enemies.

We increased “non-shtick” enemy damage to compensate for AI / animation delays. This particularly affects Henchmen who did not attack at the expected rate on which other areas of combat effectiveness are balanced. The change represents a 25% increase in this type of damage.

We also increased “shtick-based” damage for Super Villain class enemies and above. They were incorrectly using the Master Villain class damage tables, making our most difficult enemies much weaker than intended.

Finally, we have removed the consumable items that were giving a straight 33% increase to Health and Energy from vendors. These were artifacts of the beta test that were accidently not removed from the live version of the game.

We’ve fixing a data bug where players incorrectly received 75% of an enemy’s experience amount no matter the disparity in level. More than a difference of 4 levels now gains the player no experience.

We’ve added a timer to the Scared Straight mission so that while it remains repeatable, it will not be exploitable. We have also reduced the amount of experience for repeated versions of the mission.

The top speed of travel power speeds has been reduced by 15% as part of how we’re addressing reported frame-rate issues because heroes are simply traveling faster than the server can update their position.

We found and fixed an error in the overall drop-rate tables that drastically reduced the number of upgrades coming from defeated enemies. This change increases the number of upgrades that drop from enemies in the approximately four-fold.

Retcon cost has been lowered across the board, making alterations in your character’s powers and advantages much simpler to accomplish.

We’ve activated all of the special edition action figures in the C Store. So if you got Cryptic Points to spend as part of a promotional purchase of the game, you start your collection now! Cryptic Points will go on sale soon.

Sorcery powers are now being properly counted towards unlocking other powers in their power set.

We’re aware of a data bug that causes Snake Bucks and Unity Merits to not display in your character sheet. They *are* there, you just can’t see them until we get the fix checked in.

Today we’re announcing our plans for Blood Moon – our first FREE update to the game. We’re diving right in to making more content for you, but I don’t want to spoil the awesome job the crew did on the announcement page, so keep your eyes on the website!

See you online, heroes!

There are some pretty big bug fixes here. I am kinda skeptical about reducing travel power speed, sounds like a band aid and not a fix. Nothing here that address my problem of not having any quests to do.

Champions Online Questing Problem

I have run into a very big problem with Champions Online that needs to be fixed real soon.  I have discovered that there is a little menu that will tell you where you can get quests. So I tried it out in anticipation of more wonderful questing but I had no quests available.

That is right; at level 15 I had ran out of quests. So I grinded to level 16 and now I have lots of quests available but they are all level 19.  I can’t do them. Somewhere along the way I started doing all my level 15 -17 quests and now I have no quests that I can do. Since almost all new games are quest driven grinding for the next level or two will not be fun.

Will I run into this the entire game? Will I do all of my level 19 quest and when I get there not have any quests to do? This could be solved very easily by making a lot of the quest repeatable.  They could also add a random quest generator that you could use any time.

I hope they address this quickly in a patch.  I may start an alt and try it again to see if I missed something.

The first weekend of Champions Online

The first weekend is over and here are my impressions so far.

I got my character up to level 15.  It was fun from level 1-12 then I had problems finding quests that were in my level and I ended up taking quest that were 2 or 3 levels above me. Now that I am level 15 I am having great difficulty finding quests my level.  This does not mean they are not there I just don’t know where they are. The game needs a way to guide me to where I am supposed to be for my level.  Something on the map marking main quest hubs would be nice with a level ranking, would be really easy and would not require new quests.

I am really enjoying the open skill system. I have not moved outside of my ice line but I could if I wanted and I like that. It gives me a sense of freedom. I plan on moving out side of my skill set next time I get a new skill.  I wish that I got to pick skills more often, I felt the same way when I played CoX.  I may be able to pick a perk or some thing but I should get new powers every level at least until level 20 or so.

There is one glaring problem that I have so far with the game. The world does not seem alive. I can’t really put my finger on it but the world seems static and boring.  This is a HUGE problem for me. If the world does not feel like it is real I loose interest. The desert zone does not feel this way but the other ones I have visited do. I do not like the fact that I can not run from one zone to the other. I struggled with this in AoC too for the world to feel real I need to be able to walk between zones. Having a helicopter or teleporter move me around is a big immersion killer for me. This will probably not effect other people but for me this is very important.

Overall I am having fun in the game. I am still not sure about the sticking power for me, but I have 6 months paid for so I am going to give it my all.

Champions Online: The first day

Stability has been excelent, no problems at all for me. A few in my guild got dropped but nothing that was serious. I made it to level 11 in and I am having a lot of fun so far.

I went with ice as my main power set. Here are some screens.

This is my character.


A screen shot during the tutorial


My Travel power


Champions Online Open Beta Review.

Today Champions Online early start opens for those that have a key. I participated in the Champions Online open and closed betas. I did not play much just enough to make sure that I felt preordering was a good idea. But I did play enough to have thoughts on the game.  This will be a first impressions post. I will follow up throughout my time in the game.

Champions online is not like other mmos. It is faster and more action oriented, it is like a console game. I think that is the best way to sum up the game. It is a console MMO. For some this is good for others it is a reason not to play it.

You start the game in a nice little tutorial zone that gets you acquainted with the basic mechanics of the game.  It is pretty short and generic, but it does what it is designed to do. After you save the tutorial zone from utter destruction you get to select from two zones that also need you to save them.

In these zones you will get to select you travel powers and some other powers. You get a few missions that will introduce you crafting and various other things and lead you to saving this zone also. It is very similar to all other tutorial zones in games, the zones are very well done and give you a sense of being important.

The controls for this game are a little different than your average mmo and require a little getting used to. I would suggest grabbing an Xbox controller and using it.  The gamepad just fits the game and makes it very enjoyable to play. Once I did this I did not even try to use the keyboard and mouse again.

The graphics are very nice and ran very well on my machine which I would rate as a mid range machine.  They are supposed to look like a comic book and they pull it off pretty well.  There are a bunch of options to tune it to your machine.

Character customization is absolutely awesome. I probably spent more time trying out new character costumes than I did playing the game.  I wish they had a little more intuitive way of sorting the costume pieces to speed this process up. But if you can imagine it you can do it.

Combat is fast and fun. It is a lot like a console superhero game so if you like those you will like this.  It is simple and you feel powerful.  Questing is a mix of open world quests and instances for the bosses.  Most of them are the go here and kill this type of quests. The single player instances that I did do were very well done and were a lot of fun.

The only real problem I see for this game is its staying power. I did not play that much so I may of missed something. It really does not bring very many innovations that make it stand out from the crowd. The superhero theme and fast combat may be enough but for the mmo player it may just be a passing thought as they move to the next one.  When this releases for the xbox it will be a hit. It is an mmo that will be able to bring console gamers to the genre.