TGMT2010 Update

Well so far my little experiment is coming along well. I am currently playing Star Trek Online and I am enjoying it a lot. This has caused me to rethink the 1 week time limit on my trials. I may want to continue to play STO after one week, I have only been able to play about 3 hours this week and I may need more time to give it a fair review.

With Darkfall’s recent announcement I am changing the order of the games I am going to try. I am going to try darkfall next instead of Champions Online. This will be better because CO is so close to STO that it would probably not be a fair trial.

I really did not like Darkfall the last time I played it, but I have heard that they have made it much better (from darkfall’s biggest fanboy) and I am excited to try it again. I have always had this dream of the perfect sandbox game since I started playing UO. My hope is I can get past the little things that bugged me last time and enjoy the game. I really like the idea of a sandbox game.


TGMT2010- Everquest 2 Review

I am going to try to set a standard format for the TGMT reviews so that people can look through them and they all are similar. These are not meant to be full blown reviews. They are reviews based on one week of casual playing

Time played: 16 hours

Levels: 0 – 14

Class: Berserker

What I enjoyed the most: The world

EQ2 has a wonderfull world full of character and lore. The world looks absolutely spectacular and the zones are humugous compared to the zones in games released in the last 2 years. I spend at least an hour just trying to get to Greater Faydark and it was a lot of fun.

What I disliked the most: Questing

I know the name of the game is EverQUEST but I am so sick of questing to advance. I don’t know what would be better but I am tired of going to a contact, getting a quest, running back and killing 10 rats or delivering a letter to a hobbit and running back for my reward. I think it would be much better if they eliminated the running part and just had the quests end when you finished it instead of having to run back.

EQ2 is absolutely full of bad quests with a lot of running around and it just kills my mood. I am a casual player and when the longest part of the quest is running back to the quest giver it is a little much.

Will I give it a longer trial? No

EQ2 is a great game and has a lot to offer the gamer that has the time and patients to go through all the quests and all of the running. Right now that is not what I am looking for.

The Great MMO tour of 2010 or TGMT2010

Here is how it works.

I will go back to or try various mmos for one week (Suggestions are welcome) after that time I will post a mini review of what I thought and rather or not I want to explore it further.

Each Sunday I will start a new MMO for that week because that seems to be the day that I am able to play the most. I will use a trial or active time if I have any. If the game does not have a trial of some sort I will not pay to try it.

At the end of the week I will decide if I want to give this game a longer trial and put it on a list of games that I will subscribe to for a month in this way I hope to weed it down to a game that I will play for a bit. It will also be fun to go through all of them and write a review for them.

I will keep a list on this post of the games that I try, and link to the review. I am going to start with STO and Champions Online because I have an active subscription to those 2 and would like to use it. The EQ2 review will be up later this week.

MMO Schedule

  • Everquest 2-Review
  • Star Trek Online
  • Champions Online

Games I am going to try

  • Allods Online
  • EVE
  • Warhammer
  • Ultima Online
  • Everquest
  • Anarchy Online
  • Darkfall?
  • Age of Conan
  • Vanguard
  • Dark Age of Camelot
  • Runes of Magic


I have written on this topic many times but this time it is a little different. I was starting to not like gaming at all. This is very strange for some one that has enjoyed games most of his life. So I stopped playing games for awhile to recharge and analyze why I like to play games. It has been about a month and I am starting to look at MMOs again. I took sony up on the $5 for 3 days subscription and that was some fun but I really can’t see me playing the game for much longer than that.

I am not sure that I even want to play mmos. I may have moved onto “casual” games. I just don’t have the time to dedicate to a game anymore and if you cannot dedicate yourself to it why play? On a good week I will get maybe 1 hour of continuous play time. This is just not enough play time after you get past level 10 in most games.

So do I try making more time for gaming? Do I cut down on the number of tv shows that I follow? Do I lock my kids in a kennel and put on head phones? Do I sleep less? Sleep is for n00bs.

I have come to the conclusion that I am going to try to pick a game and just stick to casually and see how it goes. I will probably cut back on TV watching because I really don’t like the shows that much anyway. I will try to chronicle each game I try until I pick one. I will try one game for one week and then write a mini review on it. If anyone has any suggestions I would be willing to try that. I will do this until I run out of games that I want to try again.

I will post a new post with more details on this developing idea.

The WoW Killer

Several games have come out in the last few years that people thought would be the WoW killer and none have succeeded and some even say that WoW has managed to kill these wanabes. So far nothing has even come close to denting the giant. But that will change and it will change in the next 2 years.

The player base of WoW is just waiting for something to come out. They are growing tired of the slow content releases, the lore, and the forced grouping for the endgame that is now required to play. The original player base of WoW is now 5 years older and has less time to play than they did when they started.

Wow is a very solo friendly game and that is what originally gets people hooked they get all the way to the upper levels of the game and then are forced to group to actually progress much farther. While people are doing this I do not think that they are enjoying the game as much as they did when they first started. But because of the lack of any serious competition they stick with it and log in to do a few raids and log out. But forced grouping is just one of the reasons that WoW is going to start seeing a decline this year.

The game is just getting old and updates are to slow to come. I think people are just getting tired of the world that they are playing in and are looking for something that is as good as WoW but different.

The “WoW Killer” will not have a subscription fee. It will thrive on micro transactions and box sales of expansions. The subscription payment model is entering its final years and will soon be in the minority. This will open up the game to a whole new segment of players that refuse to pay a monthly fee to play the game.

There are a lot of games that are currently following this model but they are doing one thing very wrong. They are trying to copy WoW they even go as far as copying the art style and the whole feel of WoW. This is a fatal mistake because people do not want to play a bad copy they want something entirely new.

The “Wow Killer” will be mostly a persistent living world. It will be a place that will be fun to just explore and they will be able to really get into the world. It will have dynamic spawns that will change depending on what players do. It will use instances to tell a story and the story will be a big theme in the game and it will be epic and solo.

Grouping will be done automatically they will take the PQs that were started with WAR and build on them and make them much better. Grouping will happen without people even noticing. It will be a very dynamic experience that will change depending on what players do.

The game will not be based on an already established and well documented IP. Basing a game on an IP holds it to strict rules that have already been set and limits the developer’s freedom to do as they wish. Basing mmos on existing IPs is probably the reason that no game has come out that has killed wow. When you base it on an existing IP people already know if they like it or not and that hurts the game.

The game that I believe will be the wow killer is Guild Wars 2. They have learned from their mistakes in the original and are going to build a great game. They have the talent and expertise to pull it off. It will have enough marketing and brand recognition to get people to try it.

I do not believe that it will suffer the same “WoW Tourist” effect that a lot of other games have had and even if it does with it being free once they buy it they can jump back in at any time and try it again. I think this will make it grow slowly and eventually over take WoW. It will not take most of it subscribers from current games but like WoW did before it they will come from new people entering the market.

Gaming last week

Well with my new found spare time I have not posted more blog post like I wanted instead I have been playing more games.

Warhammer online

I started a new rune priest and have gotten him to level 14 almost entirely by doing scenarios. I find that leveling a healer is a lot different than the way that I usually play. Soloing is slow and kind of painful but I absolutely kill it in scenarios. I am maxing all of my stats to maximize healing and it shows when I am at the top of the charts for healing on most scenarios. It is nice to know that sometimes you are the reason that your team won. Without you it would have been total annihilation.


I have started this up again because I never managed to finish it last time. It is a very enjoyable game I love the art style and the game play is just awesome. The biggest problem I have is that I have to wait till my kid goes to bed before I play it and that is limiting the time I could be spending on it.

Tomb Raider Anniversary

This is an old game that I picked up at the last buy 1 get 2 free sale at game stop. The original tomb raider was the very first time that Ihad played a true 3d game. It has a lot of nostalgic value to it. I also really enjoy the puzzle adventure type of games like this. It is a lot of fun to go back through some of the stuff that you remember as a kid and relive it in adult hood.

A week of Decisions

Last week was a week of change and decisions for me. I had many decisions to make that had an influence on this blog. I really don’t like how restrictive wordpress is (design wise) but I don’t want to pay for hosting. I had also come to the realization that Star Trek Online was not going to work out for me and I needed to pick a new game that I felt I could stick with. What made me make all of these decisions this week is that I just got reduced to half time at work and thus I have a lot more time to play games and less money to do it with. It should only be temporary but I like to view this as a chance to really work on the quality of my blogging content and maybe explore some other ideas I have had for websites.

So I started to look at the best way to make my blog a little more personalized and quickly realized that wordpress was way too restrictive and you could do very little to make it look better. So I looked at blogger and they allow you to edit anything you want and allow scripts. So before really looking into it I started the transfer process. I got it all transferred and then figured out that blogger does not do pingbacks. How are other bloggers supposed to know I linked to them? It really kills conversation between blogs. So I transferred everything back to wordpress and am going to take the transfer a little slower. I will post everything on both sites until I figure out what one I want to keep. So you can follow me at (WordPress) or I really do like blogger more so I will eventually move there but I will do it slowly so I don’t mess anything up.

The second decision I had to make was what game I will play now that STO had failed for me. So I started by posting this survey and I posted it to reddit and it got more votes than I thought it would but not enough considering all the choices that I had. The results showed an overwhelming amount of people would choose WoW if they could only pick one game. So I went to WoW and tried one of their trials. Second was the release of allods I had tried the game for a few hours during beta and decided that I would try it at release.

So throughout the week and weekend I played various games trying to figure out what one I would play. I don’t like switching games all the time and I know that it does not interest readers if I keep switching. I finally figured out at about 11pm on Saturday night while I was running my warrior around auberdine that I don’t like to do nothing but quests. I like to mix it up with some PVP and I don’t like to wait till max level to do it. So I queued for a BG and quickly found out that the game had changed and I was not going to be competing in this game without a max level character. I was a warrior and I was getting 2 shotted by people.

Then it hit me Warhammer! That was my answer. I reactivated my account and started RVRing in about 2 mins. Tried out some of my other characters and all of the other tiers were really active. Their free trial thing is working out well. It felt like a newly released game.

So there you go I am back to a place that I think I can stay for awhile and with the new patch coming I see me playing this for some time.