A week of Decisions

Last week was a week of change and decisions for me. I had many decisions to make that had an influence on this blog. I really don’t like how restrictive wordpress is (design wise) but I don’t want to pay for hosting. I had also come to the realization that Star Trek Online was not going to work out for me and I needed to pick a new game that I felt I could stick with. What made me make all of these decisions this week is that I just got reduced to half time at work and thus I have a lot more time to play games and less money to do it with. It should only be temporary but I like to view this as a chance to really work on the quality of my blogging content and maybe explore some other ideas I have had for websites.

So I started to look at the best way to make my blog a little more personalized and quickly realized that wordpress was way too restrictive and you could do very little to make it look better. So I looked at blogger and they allow you to edit anything you want and allow scripts. So before really looking into it I started the transfer process. I got it all transferred and then figured out that blogger does not do pingbacks. How are other bloggers supposed to know I linked to them? It really kills conversation between blogs. So I transferred everything back to wordpress and am going to take the transfer a little slower. I will post everything on both sites until I figure out what one I want to keep. So you can follow me at Mmogchronicles.com (WordPress) or mmogchronicles.blogspot.com. I really do like blogger more so I will eventually move there but I will do it slowly so I don’t mess anything up.

The second decision I had to make was what game I will play now that STO had failed for me. So I started by posting this survey and I posted it to reddit and it got more votes than I thought it would but not enough considering all the choices that I had. The results showed an overwhelming amount of people would choose WoW if they could only pick one game. So I went to WoW and tried one of their trials. Second was the release of allods I had tried the game for a few hours during beta and decided that I would try it at release.

So throughout the week and weekend I played various games trying to figure out what one I would play. I don’t like switching games all the time and I know that it does not interest readers if I keep switching. I finally figured out at about 11pm on Saturday night while I was running my warrior around auberdine that I don’t like to do nothing but quests. I like to mix it up with some PVP and I don’t like to wait till max level to do it. So I queued for a BG and quickly found out that the game had changed and I was not going to be competing in this game without a max level character. I was a warrior and I was getting 2 shotted by people.

Then it hit me Warhammer! That was my answer. I reactivated my account and started RVRing in about 2 mins. Tried out some of my other characters and all of the other tiers were really active. Their free trial thing is working out well. It felt like a newly released game.

So there you go I am back to a place that I think I can stay for awhile and with the new patch coming I see me playing this for some time.