Gaming last week

Well with my new found spare time I have not posted more blog post like I wanted instead I have been playing more games.

Warhammer online

I started a new rune priest and have gotten him to level 14 almost entirely by doing scenarios. I find that leveling a healer is a lot different than the way that I usually play. Soloing is slow and kind of painful but I absolutely kill it in scenarios. I am maxing all of my stats to maximize healing and it shows when I am at the top of the charts for healing on most scenarios. It is nice to know that sometimes you are the reason that your team won. Without you it would have been total annihilation.


I have started this up again because I never managed to finish it last time. It is a very enjoyable game I love the art style and the game play is just awesome. The biggest problem I have is that I have to wait till my kid goes to bed before I play it and that is limiting the time I could be spending on it.

Tomb Raider Anniversary

This is an old game that I picked up at the last buy 1 get 2 free sale at game stop. The original tomb raider was the very first time that Ihad played a true 3d game. It has a lot of nostalgic value to it. I also really enjoy the puzzle adventure type of games like this. It is a lot of fun to go back through some of the stuff that you remember as a kid and relive it in adult hood.


Slow week

This was a very slow week for me gaming wise. Life took a lot of time this week. I am building a house and it is nearing completion so it is taking more of my time. Work is busy, which is a very nice change. Game for this week was mostly borderlands and WAR with a bit of DDO (There is something about free) I got a grand total of 3 hours of play time this week so I don’t have much to say about any of the games.

DDO is the best free game out. There is nothing that compares to it.  The beginning island is new since the last time I played and it is very well done and it solved my main issue with the game at the time, no outdoor exploration zones. The island zone is a great exploration zone and a lot of fun.

Borderlands is still fun when I can play. I realized that it my 2 year old boy should not watch me play, when one of the midgets ran up to me and my kid yelled monkey right before I shot him and then he yelled bang bang. I turned the game off at that point and now only play when he is in bed. I know most people are thinking “No Shit!” but as my wife says I am a little dense.

WAR I am still playing my choppa I have not made any more levels and have only completed a few quests. I am hoping to get 2 or 3 levels this weekend so I can jump back in to RVR.

That is it.

Borderlands first impressions mini review

Last night on my way home I stopped and picked up borderlands. This is a game that I was not even aware of until about a week ago. I fell for the hype and bought it on release day. I am glad that I did.  The 2 hours I was able to play last night were a blast.

The graphics are refreshing and great, the shooting is superb, and the premise of the game will really hook the mmo gamers out there you will feel right at home.

If you are on the fence about this game. Don’t be it is a good game.

I will put together a longer review after I have played through it but the first impression is good.