DING 32!

Level 31 was the most excruciating level I have faced so far.  At level 31 to make progress in PVE you must go to T4. But I like to mix my PVE with some scenarios and ORVR. You have to do that in T3 because you are pretty much worthless in PVP in T4 at level 31.  This led to me selecting one or the other and it was very difficult. I am glad to be through it and I hope that the next 8 levels are much quicker. I hope to get some AE groups going and powering through the next few levels.


Weekend playing!

Well it was a fun weekend.

Lets start with my Bright Wizard. Got him to level 25 doing some pqs and scenerios. I am getting sick of leveling. The rate of increase has just slowed to a crawl.  Alliance on my server seems to be a bunch of babies.  We try to take a keep and are not very organized so we get wiped. Instead of trying again with a little more organization every one just quits. Whatever happened to trying to do some thing more than once. We had enough people to take the keep.  I just dont get it.

Got my Witch Hunter to lvl 15. I am having a ton of fun with this character. I do mostly pvp with her. I have noticed an increase in people doing T2 PQs. I was able to do 3 of them at different times through out the weekend. This is great. The PQs biggest problem is finding people to do them.

I just started a new Engineer. It is a bit different to play it feels a lot like the Animist in DAoC. Got him to level 7.

I know that I am a bit of an altaholic but I really enjoy the lower levels so I am having fun and that is all that really matters.

Witch Hunter Fun

Well I just got my new WH to level 11. I know that is not very high but it is a fun level I am at the top level for Tier 1 scenarios. I am finally getting the hang of the kill and run tactic and it has been a lot of fun. If I plan it right I can kill three or four casters before they know I am attacking. It is great fun.

I hope that the fun continues. My Bright Wizard is not very fun in most scenarios because I spend most of my time running after dieing. He dies very quickly.

Week End play session

I had a very productive weekend. I got my Bright Wizard to 24, I noticed that at level 23 I seemed to level faster. I do not know if this is because I was getting so sick of level 22 that I wanted to trick myself into thinking that level 23 was better. or if it actually was faster. Either way I enjoyed the speed increase imaginary or not.

I have been enjoying the Tier 3 Scenarios. I do well in most of them, especially the Grave Yard. I have noticed that the scenarios that require a lot of running and carrying of objects Destruction does well on, and the camping type of scenarios Order does well on. I blame this on the fact that we have less tanks.

I started my Witch Hunter and got her to level 9. She is much different than I was thinking. I was hoping to be much more Uber then I am. My main is a Bright Wizard. I have gotten used to WE killing me before I even know I am under attack. I was hoping to be able to do the same, but so far I am not. I am more of a suicide bomber. I go in, kill a healer, then promptly die. This was frustrating at first but as I am getting higher level, I am able to kill two healers sometimes before dying. This can have a massive effect in the battle, and I feel that I will only get more powerful as time goes on.