I have written on this topic many times but this time it is a little different. I was starting to not like gaming at all. This is very strange for some one that has enjoyed games most of his life. So I stopped playing games for awhile to recharge and analyze why I like to play games. It has been about a month and I am starting to look at MMOs again. I took sony up on the $5 for 3 days subscription and that was some fun but I really can’t see me playing the game for much longer than that.

I am not sure that I even want to play mmos. I may have moved onto “casual” games. I just don’t have the time to dedicate to a game anymore and if you cannot dedicate yourself to it why play? On a good week I will get maybe 1 hour of continuous play time. This is just not enough play time after you get past level 10 in most games.

So do I try making more time for gaming? Do I cut down on the number of tv shows that I follow? Do I lock my kids in a kennel and put on head phones? Do I sleep less? Sleep is for n00bs.

I have come to the conclusion that I am going to try to pick a game and just stick to casually and see how it goes. I will probably cut back on TV watching because I really don’t like the shows that much anyway. I will try to chronicle each game I try until I pick one. I will try one game for one week and then write a mini review on it. If anyone has any suggestions I would be willing to try that. I will do this until I run out of games that I want to try again.

I will post a new post with more details on this developing idea.


The Real Life Effect: TRLE

The Real Life Effect, this is a serious problem that plaques many people who play MMOs.  I have been infected with this little bug lately and have not been able to post much on my blog. Life has taken some recent turns that have seemed to take all of my play time away. My little 18 month old boy has come down with the flu, my 5 month pregnant wife has the same flu, I am trying to build a house (with my own 2 hands).  So to say the least real life has been kicking my ass. On top of all that I have been feeling burned out on WAR and have been playing EQ2 and freerealms in my spare time.

I am not quitting WAR at all just pausing to take a look at some other things. This will happen on almost all new MMO releases.  FreeRealms is a fun little game but I could never make it my main MMO,  EQ2 is very fun after the PVE lite that exist in WAR.  But I am already getting the urge to go back to WAR, nothing compares to the PVP experience that it offers.

But fear not I have some post that I am working on that should be some good reads, a review of EQ2, my recent city siege experience,   and my thoughts on the land of the dead. They are just taking me a little longer to get out then I was planning. So until then check out some of the blogs in my blog roll or some of my older post that you may have missed.

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Returning to an old love

Over the weekend I went home and had kind of a family reunion.  I was talking to my brother who also plays WAR and he had mentioned that he had gone back to his first MMO, Ultima Online. I talked with him about all of thing things that he loved about the game and we talked of our old times in UO.  I decided I would download the new 3D client and take a trip down memory lane.

After downloading the game I created a new trial account, logged in, walked around, closed client, logged into WAR. Every thing I love about that game can not make up for how ugly and clunky it is.  I love the skill based system. I love the crafting and resource gathering. I love the housing. It is the only game I have played that got all 3 of those things right.  It is second to none in those areas.  But the horrible combat and lack of 3D just kill it for me.

I miss being able to just log in and do some thing different. Maybe I want to go find a rare color horse to tame.  Maybe I want to go treasure hunting out on the open sea.  Maybe I want to go mine for ore. Maybe I want to decorate my house. Maybe I want to start a mall. Maybe I want to go tame a dragon. Maybe I want to go find a place to put my new house.  Maybe I want to become an archer.  Maybe I want to go deep into a dungeon to get a pair of rare red sandals.

All of this could be done on the same character. This game has so many things that no game to date has been able to get right.  What it did not get right is combat.  Combat is horrible. It is unbearable to today’s standard. I do not know if any game in the future will have everything that UO does. All new games are following the WoW style of game play.

I think I am over my first love. I have quit judging other games agianst her. I still dream about the day that a UO2 comes out but it is just that, a dream.

Is Age of Conan the Antidote for Burnout?

Well as I have mentioned in previous post I am trying out Age of Conan to see how it has changed since release. I have also mentioned my feeling of burnout when it comes to WAR. I believe WAR is the better game but there is nothing wrong with playing other games when you get tired of it.

I started a new demonolagist in AoC, I did not really care for the pure melee class that I had started earlier. I must say how great the game looks and it runs smoother then WAR they have really optimized the engine. I hope WAR follows suit because WAR should run much better on the same hardware.  The beginning quest are absolutely exquisite. If they would of continued that kind story telling after the beginning area the game would of been HUGE.

I installed an add on UI the original UI is just huge and takes up way to much space and is not very useful. I find the key bindings a bit burdensome.

I will bounce between AoC and WAR until the new patch is released after that I am not sure what will happen.


Well I have been taking a break from WAR. I have a high tendency to burn out of games and it comes on very quickly. I am not sure what causes it or how to really fix it. I notice that if I find a good active guild I don’t burn out as quickly. So I try to do that but a good guild is pretty hard to find.  I have found a pretty good guild in WAR and it has slowed it down but I feel it coming on very quickly.

What I usually do when this happens is I start to hop games this usually goes on for about a month until I land on some thing that is entertaining. Then I play it for a few months and repeat the process until a totally new game comes out.

I don’t like doing this because I don’t really get into any one of the games and I miss out on a lot of the content. This time I am going to try switching to Destruction and see if that is a bit more fun. I am going to also try to not play as much and maybe mix some of my play time with the Xbox. I may even mix in some other MMO and see how that goes.

Does any one have any good solutions  for burnout?