Slow week

This was a very slow week for me gaming wise. Life took a lot of time this week. I am building a house and it is nearing completion so it is taking more of my time. Work is busy, which is a very nice change. Game for this week was mostly borderlands and WAR with a bit of DDO (There is something about free) I got a grand total of 3 hours of play time this week so I don’t have much to say about any of the games.

DDO is the best free game out. There is nothing that compares to it.  The beginning island is new since the last time I played and it is very well done and it solved my main issue with the game at the time, no outdoor exploration zones. The island zone is a great exploration zone and a lot of fun.

Borderlands is still fun when I can play. I realized that it my 2 year old boy should not watch me play, when one of the midgets ran up to me and my kid yelled monkey right before I shot him and then he yelled bang bang. I turned the game off at that point and now only play when he is in bed. I know most people are thinking “No Shit!” but as my wife says I am a little dense.

WAR I am still playing my choppa I have not made any more levels and have only completed a few quests. I am hoping to get 2 or 3 levels this weekend so I can jump back in to RVR.

That is it.


Grigdus the Choppa levels 5 – 10

I am still having a blast with my new choppa. I am tearing it up in RvR and Scenarios when they pop. It is nice being the one that is killing the casters and not the one being killed. I can mow through most classes except pure healers they are a little difficult. Playing on this side of the game is different, and I must say that the Iron Breaker and the Rune Priest are far superior to their counterparts.

This does not really bother me much there will be differences in classes.  I have not experienced the OP nature of the Bright Wizard yet and I doubt I will. Having a 40 Bright Wizard gives me a little insight on how to kill them. You know just hit them with an axe once and they are dead. I hope that I can learn some techniques for getting away from melee by playing one against other BWs.

I am still really enjoying the newbie guild it is a great addition to the game. The mythic employees are still getting on every night and getting groups together and playing. It is a great idea and I really think that WAR has reached a turning point and will start growing again.  They need to use the momentum and announce an expansion.

I am really looking forward to the next 10 levels, on my BW these were some of my favorite levels and I hope it is the same.

Meet Grigdus the Choppa

I know I said that I would roll a tank but the Choppa was calling me.

Well the first night of the new patch has been very good. I rolled my new destro character and plan on getting him to 40. I got him to 5 tonight and I must say the new player experience is pretty nice. The best part is that the newbie guild has Mythic employees as guild leaders. You can ask them questions and they lead pvp WBs. It is a really cool idea and I think it will make new players stick around.

The quest lines seem to be nicely adjusted and flow from one to the other. It really leads you through the begging of the game and it gets people doing pqs together. It is very well done. When they do this to the other 2 pairings the first tier of this game will be some of the best 10 levels in any game to date.

I did 2 pqs and got a gold bag with a sweet chest piece. I also did some scenarios, lost them all. But overall it was a good return to the game. I am going to enjoy it. You can see some screen shots of Grigdus over at

Here is the sweet armor I got

Grigdus_009 - Copy

Slayers and Choppas Officially Announced!!!!!

UPDATE 2: Some more new info at Massively


For uncounted centuries, the Dwarfs and greenskins have been the most bitter of rivals. Now that the Slayer and the Choppa are set to join the armies of Order and Destruction, old grudges will be answered and ancient enmities will be given new breath. Though the outcome of the war still hangs in the balance, one thing is certain: the battle for the Warhammer world is about to become deadlier than ever!

Once the Bitter Rivals live event begins this March, take part in daily challenges to earn a head start in the two awesome new careers.

This exciting news and more is described in detail in this month’s Newsletter, but here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come:

They also announced three new live events to bring in the new classes. This is excellent!

UPDATE: Link to Press Release

They are calling this a Live expansion. They are also introducing a new dungeon zone. This is like a WoW paid expansion.

Call to Arms Live Expansion Schedule

  • ‘Call to Arms: Bitter Rivals’ Live Event (March): Successful completion allows head start access to the new Orc Choppa and Dwarf Slayer careers. The event will also include the new Chaos-themed RvR Scenario, Twisting Tower.
  • Two New Careers Join WAR (March): The Orc Choppa and Dwarf Slayer answer the Call to Arms.
  • ‘Call to Arms: Beyond the Sands’ Live Event (April): Details to be revealed soon!
  • ‘Call to Arms: Rise of the Tomb Kings’ Live Event (May): The race between Order and Destruction players begins to unlock the Land of the Dead for their Realm.
  • ‘Land of the Dead’ Opens (June): The deserts of Nehekhara open to players with the addition of a new RvR-gated dungeon zone. To gain access to the Land of the Dead, opposing Realms must battle for control of the zone to access dozens of new Public Quests, instanced lairs, and a massive new Tomb Kings dungeon to plunder in search of the Casket of Souls.