TGMT2010 Update

Well so far my little experiment is coming along well. I am currently playing Star Trek Online and I am enjoying it a lot. This has caused me to rethink the 1 week time limit on my trials. I may want to continue to play STO after one week, I have only been able to play about 3 hours this week and I may need more time to give it a fair review.

With Darkfall’s recent announcement I am changing the order of the games I am going to try. I am going to try darkfall next instead of Champions Online. This will be better because CO is so close to STO that it would probably not be a fair trial.

I really did not like Darkfall the last time I played it, but I have heard that they have made it much better (from darkfall’s biggest fanboy) and I am excited to try it again. I have always had this dream of the perfect sandbox game since I started playing UO. My hope is I can get past the little things that bugged me last time and enjoy the game. I really like the idea of a sandbox game.


Fallen Earth and Darkfall SUCK! Deal with it.

Just to get you all caught up posted a review of Fallen Earth (can’t find a cache of it) and then the FE fans nerd raged and now they retracted.  This reminds me of the time that Darkfall was given a bad review and they nerd raged over that for a week or so.

Darkfall and Fallen Earth are SHIT games. They are made for a niche player base and lack the polish and looks of the more mainstream games. I have played them both and it took a tremendous amount of effort not to just log out of Darkfall. That game is almost unplayable. Fallen Earth is 100 times better than Darkfall but it is still full of bugs and lacks polish or direction.

I am glad that some people like these games but to expect a good review when games like Aion, WoW, and WAR exist is just; just….. stupid.  Can’t you step back  and look at the game without your emotion. If you are just there to rate this game and compare it with what else is out there these games don’t stand a chance. They are complete crap and if they were not MMOs they would be in the clearance rack a week after release if they managed to get released.

I understand a lot of you are looking for something different and these games offer that if you can get past the bugs, shitty performance, unbearable graphics, and immature community, you can get a real gaming experience out of it. But it will not get a good review score from a independent review, especially if that reviewer has played ANY other MMO.

You will be a lot happier if you can see the flaws in your game and recognize that your game does not appeal to everyone.

Darkfall: My first impressions!

I was finely able to get Darkfall, I had been trying on and off since it released.  I installed it patched and headed into the world of Darkfall. I had very high hopes for this game. I loved UO and this game seemed like it was a game that I would love.  Well the only thing Darkfall has in common with UO is a skill system, everything else is complete CRAP. I cannot believe that a game this bad would be released.

The control scheme is completely and utterly useless. It reminded me of SWG’s controls back when it was released (they changed it for a reason).  Why do I have to put my weapon away to loot a gravestone? It could automatically put it away when I go to “use” the grave stone.  I could not get rid of the system chat window no matter how many times I closed it, it would come back.  I could not turn off the shitty music, what kind of modern game does not have separate controls for music and sound effects? There were no descriptions for any of the graphics options. I did not mind the backpack system and the whole dragging and dropping thing it felt more real then the standard of today’s game.

Where are the mobs? I could walk for miles and see NOTHING. How am I supposed to use skills when there is nothing to use them on? All I found was a single orc camp that was completely camped. Why no mobs? UO even had random mobs running around. If I wanted to run through a forest I would go outside or play freerealms.

Combat is really basic and crappy, you click a button and swing a sword. That’s it. Really boring, the only fun part about it is the fact that you have to click each time to swing and hold the cursor in the general direction of the thing you are swinging at. It is like a broken auto attack.  It was really lame. This is the one thing that I wanted them to improve on over UO. It is not 1992 anymore give me variety in combat.

When you die in this game you lose everything. This is a little harsh but I knew about it before I started. They should give you a few minutes before your corpse is lootable like UO does.  I was ganked once and it was the most fun I had the entire time I was playing. This game is almost unplayable and that is just the first 5 or 6 hours.  It has some serious playability bugs that need to be addressed before I will try it again. I really regret paying for it!

Darkfall Bans more Cheaters

On the darkfall forums Tasos posted

We banned 213 cheaters today. These are the people using 3rd party programs to cheat with. They were not banned for macroing, they were banned for cheating. They were automatically detected and also verified manually in a variety of ways. This number represents 90% of the cheaters in Darkfall right now. The rest have also been detected, and we’re waiting for them to be verified before we ban them as well.

These people were warned repeatedly. They chose to believe that we cannot detect what’s going on in our game. They took the word of the makers of these hacks over the word of the creators and administrators of the game. There are no exceptions. We don’t care if journalists, clan leaders, or our friends are among them. They were cheating in order to gain an unfair advantage over the rest of us. They deserve to be banned.

What comes into play here is something called “selfish punishment” in social science. Cheaters are likely to be some of the most outspoken people against cheating, and more likely to report cheaters. This is as so to maximize the benefit for themselves – taking it away from others. This is also the case here; we recognize some of the people from the boards habitually accusing the company for not doing anything and complaining that cheating is rampant in Darkfall, when in reality it’s not.

If you cheat in the game, you will lie about it too. Whenever we ban a cheater he or she will appeal to the community, denying it on the forums. Then come the excuses to Darkfall support about their little brother, their roommate, or about their account being hacked. So now we expect a couple of hundred people to take to the boards. Threads along these lines will be removed and posters will be banned. Darkfall Support has been instructed to not provide more than the automated ban message. Do not side with these people just because you may have played with them and didn’t happen to observe them cheating. They were cheating beyond a shadow of a doubt, detected and verified in more than one ways. There is no appeals process, our decision is final, and we will not reveal our methods.

We will keep aggressively detecting and banning players that cheat in the game. If you’re not running 3rd party cheats, you have nothing to worry about. Those that don’t take our word for it, will be banned like those banned today.

Thank you,
The Darkfall Team

I love skill based games and believe that there should be more of them. But they need to implement it in a way that does not encourage macroing. I hope that Darkfall gets it right because I really want to play this game. It sounds like the old UO that I loved.

Returning to an old love

Over the weekend I went home and had kind of a family reunion.  I was talking to my brother who also plays WAR and he had mentioned that he had gone back to his first MMO, Ultima Online. I talked with him about all of thing things that he loved about the game and we talked of our old times in UO.  I decided I would download the new 3D client and take a trip down memory lane.

After downloading the game I created a new trial account, logged in, walked around, closed client, logged into WAR. Every thing I love about that game can not make up for how ugly and clunky it is.  I love the skill based system. I love the crafting and resource gathering. I love the housing. It is the only game I have played that got all 3 of those things right.  It is second to none in those areas.  But the horrible combat and lack of 3D just kill it for me.

I miss being able to just log in and do some thing different. Maybe I want to go find a rare color horse to tame.  Maybe I want to go treasure hunting out on the open sea.  Maybe I want to go mine for ore. Maybe I want to decorate my house. Maybe I want to start a mall. Maybe I want to go tame a dragon. Maybe I want to go find a place to put my new house.  Maybe I want to become an archer.  Maybe I want to go deep into a dungeon to get a pair of rare red sandals.

All of this could be done on the same character. This game has so many things that no game to date has been able to get right.  What it did not get right is combat.  Combat is horrible. It is unbearable to today’s standard. I do not know if any game in the future will have everything that UO does. All new games are following the WoW style of game play.

I think I am over my first love. I have quit judging other games agianst her. I still dream about the day that a UO2 comes out but it is just that, a dream.

The Darkfall debate!

I have been following this whole Darkfall debacle and it seems that Darren at Common Sense Gamer really dislikes this game.  He has never played but he still dislikes it.  I have never played it either but I will wait until I play it to pass judgement. I think he was picked on in school or some thing because he hates PVP.  He wants to hate every game out there that does not beat WoW.  But he plays LOTRO, one of the biggest letdowns in MMO history. This is game has all of the lore written for it, a huge fan base, second only to Starwars. Yet it still failed miserably. How could a company fail this bad with such good material?  Yet he wants to call every game that comes out a failure unless it beats WoW. He needs to measure his own game by the same standards.

Weekend playing

Well I was gone most of the weekend but I did manage to get some playing in on Sunday. I recently purchased a Nostromo SpeedPad. It has been wonderfull.  It makes it so much easier to hit a lot of my hot buttons.  So far I am really loving it.

I played my Bright Wizard and got a little ways with him. I did not do much that was exciting. I also started a Knight of the blazing Sun. I really do have an alt problem. I find that I would rather start a new alt then suffer through some of the levels. This is a serious design flaw with most MMOs out there and I hope they fix it some how.

I have been reading a bunch about Darkfall and it is tempting me. I do not know if it will have any staying power but it sounds fun to return to the old times I had in Ultima.  I will probably try it and when I do I will write about it. Right now purchasing is closed so I really could not buy it even if I wanted too.

Played a bit of AoC and while it is fun I still find it feels very similar to all of the other games I am playing. I think I am just getting burned out on MMOs. I so desperatly want some thing new and fun to play that does not feel like all the rest.