Paying for crap!

Syncaine wrote a very good post on his blog Hardcore Casual and while I do not agree with him most of the time he is right on the money this time. People bitch and moan about something in a game but continue to pay for the game they are complaining about.

People cry for a new ideas and new franchises but when a company tries a new idea they just pirate it and then bitch when developers start gimping the PC version of the game. If you want new ideas you need to take risks with your money and purchase them.

Mirrors Edge was probably my favorite game last season. It was fresh and original just what every one was asking for. But no one bought it and I doubt that EA is going to put the resources into making another one. Be we did get 2 more Call of Duty games since then. CoD is a great franchise but is more of the same and I don’t think we need 1 a year.

If you want publishers to take more risks you must give them money for trying. If you want PC versions of the game to be better than the console version you need to buy it and stop pirating. The gaming industry exists to make money.


DAOC Origins: 6 Months of Silence Blogs – DAOC Origins: 6 Months of Silence

DAOC used to be my game of choice. I spent many hours in DOAC it was and still is one of the finest games on the market. I quit playing out of boredom and general tiredness of it. But that does not mean it was a bad game.

Some believe that TOA was the death of the game. When they released TOA it made you do a long series of quest/task to compete in RVR. People did not want to do more grinding to compete in RVR so people started to leave.

Will going back to the “Good Ol Days” really help? Was it really that much better then? Will it bring people back to the game? Does Mythic really want people playing that game with WAR out? I may try it again if they do bring out a new orgins server. But I suspect it will the same as before. The game is old and based on old ideas. There is not much that you can do to change that. There is a reason that WoW and the new games are doing better.

I hope that it brings people back. I hate to see games die and it looks like this one could be on the chopping block with the EA cost cutting plans.

VN Boards – Rumor: Mythic layoffs affect QA, customer support- Mark Jacobs Responds

VN Boards – Rumor: Mythic layoffs affect QA, customer support


Two things to keep in mind:

1) Our CEO JR has publicly stated the need to cut costs across all of EA. This statement is old news and applies all throughout EA.

2) As part of EA, all studios are expected to do their fair share to meet the expectations of our CEO.

It isn’t any more complicated than that other than to say that we have a very large studio and pretty much every person there has been and will continue to work on WAR for quite a while (meaning we haven’t started work on another game yet). When we launched, we had over 400+ people working on the game in one capacity or another so it’s not like we had a small team at launch or even a small team now.

Oh, and the whole (OMG, we’re losing 1/2 the developer (or even of the total team) thing) is total nonsense. This is one of the times I really, really wish I could comment more than I can but if you look at what JR has said in terms of *cost* cutting, that should give you a good idea about what is happening throughout EA.


I guess I over reacted. I love how Mark will come on the boards and respond almost immediately.