Fallen Earth and Darkfall SUCK! Deal with it.

Just to get you all caught up MMORPG.com posted a review of Fallen Earth (can’t find a cache of it) and then the FE fans nerd raged and now they retracted.  This reminds me of the time that Darkfall was given a bad review and they nerd raged over that for a week or so.

Darkfall and Fallen Earth are SHIT games. They are made for a niche player base and lack the polish and looks of the more mainstream games. I have played them both and it took a tremendous amount of effort not to just log out of Darkfall. That game is almost unplayable. Fallen Earth is 100 times better than Darkfall but it is still full of bugs and lacks polish or direction.

I am glad that some people like these games but to expect a good review when games like Aion, WoW, and WAR exist is just; just….. stupid.  Can’t you step back  and look at the game without your emotion. If you are just there to rate this game and compare it with what else is out there these games don’t stand a chance. They are complete crap and if they were not MMOs they would be in the clearance rack a week after release if they managed to get released.

I understand a lot of you are looking for something different and these games offer that if you can get past the bugs, shitty performance, unbearable graphics, and immature community, you can get a real gaming experience out of it. But it will not get a good review score from a independent review, especially if that reviewer has played ANY other MMO.

You will be a lot happier if you can see the flaws in your game and recognize that your game does not appeal to everyone.