5 things that Warhammer can do to beat World of Warcraft


Wrong! If Warhammer does these five things then World of Warcraft will fall!

5. Get Patrick Stewart to do a commercial!

That’s right. Jean Luke Picard was, and is, a far better captain than James T. Kirk. He is the epitome of a man. He even has his own catch phrase. “Make it so!”. His name is way cooler. My name is James. How cool can you be if your name is the same as mine? Picard would play a Witch Elf! This commercial would bring in millions of players.

4. Don’t release patches that make major parts of your game shut down!

I know this one sounds pretty easy, but it is essential in beating WoW and apparently it is pretty hard to do. This would require them to re-hire the QA team, but it would be worth it to kill WoW.

3. Make sexy dance emotes!

I don’t know how Warhammer left this one out. They need to catch the 13 year old boys and 30 year old looser demographic. The only way to do that is to make all Elf classes have a sexy dance emote. They could even one up WoW and put in poles to dance on.

2. Make a Mac client!

This one is obvious. I don’t know why they don’t make mac clients for all games. Macs have like a 4% market share. That does not seem like much but you must remember that NONE of them have real jobs. That is a lot of players with spare time.

1. Murlocs!!

These are perhaps the greatest mob in the history of MMOs. With these Warhammer would annihilate WoW in a matter of months. They even have their own music video.