Paying for crap!

Syncaine wrote a very good post on his blog Hardcore Casual and while I do not agree with him most of the time he is right on the money this time. People bitch and moan about something in a game but continue to pay for the game they are complaining about.

People cry for a new ideas and new franchises but when a company tries a new idea they just pirate it and then bitch when developers start gimping the PC version of the game. If you want new ideas you need to take risks with your money and purchase them.

Mirrors Edge was probably my favorite game last season. It was fresh and original just what every one was asking for. But no one bought it and I doubt that EA is going to put the resources into making another one. Be we did get 2 more Call of Duty games since then. CoD is a great franchise but is more of the same and I don’t think we need 1 a year.

If you want publishers to take more risks you must give them money for trying. If you want PC versions of the game to be better than the console version you need to buy it and stop pirating. The gaming industry exists to make money.


Anti Virus Software

I happen to be a network administrator in real life.  I have never ran any sort of virus protection on my computer.  I did not like the performance hit or the constant pop ups.  I have gone years with out getting any infections.  I just used smart computing; not downloading files from places I did not trust, using FireFox, and just general common sense.

Thursday morning I read some news about the conflicker worm and decided to make sure I had updated windows. So I click on the little windows update button and what do you know, windows update can not be found. Strange! So I try to go to avg to download the software and run a quick scan, can not be found. Now this is starting to worry me. I grabbed my trusty computer fixing flash drive. Install avg grab the patches from my laptop and run it.  It finds nothing.

I then head to google to find out what the heck is happening. Well after hours I find out that this is a conflicker type worm. I download the cleaner on my laptop and transfer it over to my desktop.  Double click on it. Nothing happens. I have dealt with this before I change the name of the file and it runs. Finds nothing.  Now I am getting frustrated. I throw several different scanners and cleaners at. Nothing is found. I try to boot to safe mode and what do you know it crashes and will not let me get into safe mode.  I take the hard drive out plug it into my now protected laptop and scan it. Nothing! Try a different program scan again nothing.

I work on this for a day and finally find Dr. Webbs cure it. Run it. It finds it and finds it on my trusty thumb drive, cleans it and then my computer is fine. I think that I got it from a friends computer I was trying to fix with my trusty thumbdrive.

Now I want to find a good virus program that would not hamper my gaming in any way at all.  I know Norton and Mcafee are complete crap. I also know that while I use avg a lot it is not some thing that I want running all the time.  I did some research and came up with BitDefender Gamesafe.  It has a free trial so I am trying it out and so far I have not noticed ANY performance hit. I am still not sure I want to spend $24 on virus software, by the time the month is up I will have forgotten how bad the experience was and uninstall it.