The Winds of Change: WTF!

This is my first post in awhile I have been pretty busy with RL things like building a house and working and stuff. But I find this very interesting.

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Winds of Change

In our efforts to improve server stability and performance in Open Realm vs. Realm combat, the players of Dark Crag will have the opportunity to participate in a live test of a new system called “Winds of Change.”

The goal of this system is to ensure the best Open Realm vs. Realm  experience for as many people as possible and to prevent server crashes. Overall, this system will only take effect in the most extreme server load situations, and will only happen as a last measure before the zone would actually crash.

In order to accomplish this goal “The Winds of Change” will now teleport a small number of players in Realm vs. Realm lakes to the closest “safe point” when crowds are large enough to threaten the stability of the server. This will generally be the nearest Warcamp, however, it may also be a Chapter Hub within the zone depending on where performance is being impacted the most.

The system will first warn players that the Winds of Change are coming. If performance in the impacted area does not improve the system will select first those who are currently dead on the ground to be moved followed by those who are severely wounded. Those selected will receive a message explaining that they have been moved. We realize this change is inconveniencing to those impacted, and anticipate that this system is temporary while we continue to improve overall stability.

Please note that if you are ported but eligible for contribution rewards such as loot bags or medallions, you will still have an opportunity to win and retrieve them if you were ported during the assault on a Keep or Fortress.

We look forward to your feedback during this test and encourage those on Dark Crag to post here once they’ve had an opportunity to experience the new system.

Thank you for your continued support.

WTF! Who thinks this is a good idea? Teleport people out of a zone because it might crash! Why not fix the servers? Come on how hard can it be?  How can you have massive battles if you are only allowed a few people.  The main point of this game is to RVR but now random people will be teleported out. Battles are limited in their massiveness.  I don’t care what kind of cool name they give this it is total and complete crap. FIX THE GAME! Don’t tell paying customers you cant play here right now, but you can go enjoy some of our great PVE.

Most of the servers are not even full and they need to implement this.  DAoC could support larger battles than WAR. They really need to get this under control. It will only take about once of me getting teleported before I quit.


WAR Update 1.2.1

To read the full patch notes go here


Keep Upgrade System

Own a Keep? Want to keep it?  Want to get more out of it?  Then the new Keep Upgrade system is perfect for you!  Guilds that own a Keep can now purchase upgrades to bolster their hold’s utility and defenses in a variety of ways.Once a Keep has been claimed, a guild member with sufficient permission can speak to the Guild Keep Agent on the upper level of the Keep to choose what upgrades to purchase.  These upgrades require a periodic maintenance fee and some are available in multiple levels.  Once purchased, upgrades will take time to be completed. This process can be monitored via the new Keep Upgrade Interface. Upgrades will decay if funds are unavailable to pay their maintenance or if a guild member chooses to stop paying for the upgrade.

Guilds that successfully hold a Keep until the zone is captured will be rewarded with a free gold bag that will be mailed to the guild master, and is tradable to his or her guild members.

Combat Responsiveness Improvements

We are always working to improve the overall responsiveness of our game client and server. With version 1.2.1 players will see some significant improvements including the following:

  • Casting times have become more accurate under normal play conditions, and players should no longer see a significant “stretch” or “pause” when casting spells in low or moderate latency situations.
  • Accuracy of the spell cast UI has been improved. The display will now show ½ second increments and will no longer “stretch” time to compensate for latency. Instead, players will see a pause after the bar has filled completely if they are in a high-latency environment.
  • Continued improvements to animation and visual effects performance have been made. Players will see smoother transitions between animations and significantly less stuck visual effects, especially when chain-casting abilities.

UI Improvements

We are pleased to announce several improvements and enhancements to the game’s User Interface!

  • The Guild Window has received a major facelift and several functional improvements. We have added more information to the Guild Window, such as new news alerts and additional statistics on the profile tab. We have also resolved several interface bugs with the window, such as promoting and demoting through the UI and loss of guild permissions.
  • The User Settings window has been divided into tabs for convenience and clarity. The Customize Interface window has been folded into the User Interface window under the “Interface” tab. Tooltips have also been added to various elements in the User Settings window in order to explain their function.

RvR Zone Control Rewards

  • Various improvements have been made to Zone Control Rewards in Tier 4 zones to reward players for zone captures more so than individual Objective and Keep captures. When active zones are captured in Tier 4, all players in the zone are awarded Renown based on their level similar to Tiers 1, 2, and 3. If a Keep is claimed by a guild when the zone is captured, a Gold Bag will be mailed to the Guild Leader who can then mail it to anyone in the guild, as they see fit.
  • Battlefield Objectives that are owned by the conquering realm will also buff all of the players in the zone with the same buffs that Sergeants grant players.  Lastly, players who have captured a Keep or Battlefield Objective in the zone which is then captured will be awarded double the amount of Renown they would normally gain from capturing those locations.

Upgrade Your Assault with Ordnance!

We are pleased to introduce a new resource to RvR that players can trade in for deadly assault upgrades!  Scattered throughout the RvR lakes and acquired from killing players, Ordnance is collected and traded in for various items and weapons to use in open field RvR!  Battering rams with more hit points, ballistae that do more damage, oil immunity potions, caltrops, and dynamite can all be purchased and used on unsuspecting enemy players!

New Guild Recruitment Options

Guilds can now set up a “profile” for their guild using the “Recruitment” tab in the Guild Window. Settings for type of guild, careers, and levels being recruited, as well as guild “recruiters” can be set in the Recruitment tab. Once your guild recruitment info is filled out, players can search using the same criteria in the “search” tab to find guilds that fit their individual play-style and needs. Guilds can also be hyper-linked into chat either by shift-left clicking on the “Link Your Guild” link in the Recruitment tab, or by shift-left-clicking the guild title in the search results panel. When players click the guild hyper-link, they will receive an individual window identical to the panel in search results. No more chat spamming required, just let the hyper-links fly!

Character Profiles

Introducing the new character profile system, which gives you complete control over the way you play your characters! Each character will now have its own Interface Profile. This will allow customization of addons and UI layout on a per-character basis. You can also customize multiple profiles per character. For instance, if you want to have a different set of addons for soloing versus open RvR, just open the Profile Management window, create a new profile, and make any changes you wish. You can then swap between those profiles at any time in the management window.

Profiles can also be copied from character to character, even across servers. Just choose “Create from existing Profile” when making a new profile, and you will be shown a list of all the profiles for all characters you have on all servers.

When you first log in, your first character will automatically map your existing user settings to the new profile. On first login of an alternate character, you will be asked if you would like to start with a default profile or use the profile of an existing character.

Please note that this is only the first iteration of the character profile system. We are working to add new features, including the ability to save keybindings as part of the profile.

The Battle for the Gates of Ekrund Expands!

The massive Gates of Ekrund are all that stand between the Dwarf-held mines at Ekrund and the greenskin-infested domain of Mount Bloodhorn. The battles fought for control of this ancient structure have been among the most bitter in the Age of Reckoning, and now both sides are calling for additional reinforcements!
Beginning with this update, players of Rank 19-24 will be able to join a special 6-on-6 version of the Gates of Ekrund called “Broken Gates of Ekrund.” Also, a new quest has been added to the game to reward players who answer the call to defend (or smash down!) the Gates.

I am always impressed by the amount of content and fixes Mythic is able to put out.  I have mixed feelings about the keep upgrades.  I am not sure how it works in T4 but in T3 keeps are already almost impossible to take if they are being defended at all. This leads to people trying to avoid fights. This a huge problem and it needs to be addressed.  I want to fight people not run from them and take undefended keeps.  I think the second ramp to the lord room will help this problem significantly.  It will make it require more then 5 people to defend the lord room

The assault ordinance is a great idea and will really give a good reason to kill people not just take BOs and undefended keeps. They are also introducing a token systems like Darkness Falls had in DAoC, when you kill some one you get so many tokens and these can be traded for RVR gear.  I do not believe that is going to be part of this patch but all of these steps are leading in the right direction to force you to kill players not just take keeps and BOs.

The new guild recruitment will be nice for guilds AoC has something similar and it makes finding a guild really easy. I always struggle with finding a guild in games and I think this will help new people find a community and stay. I think they should also make all new players automatically join a New Players guild. They did this in DAoC and it really helped build a sense of community. It was also a great guild to be a part of.

The rest of the major features are really not that spectacular I can not see how some one would use the profiles, and I am still confused how breaking up the SCs even more is going to help any thing. Maybe they will expand on why they did this latter.

Tier 3 Fun

Well I spent Sunday playing my bright wizard. I did manage to get him to level 30.  That is a great accomplishment for me. I will be 40 in no time.  I had to spend a lot of time grinding to get this. It seems the only scenario that wants to pop is the twisting tower and as most casters know running around means death. We do not do well on scenarios that require moving a lot. At least I don’t.

I spent a lot of time in T3 trying to take the last keep that was held by destruction. We failed but it was not for a lack of trying. In the end we had 3 WBs trying to get up the ramps and destro had a bunch in the lord room and they held us off until the doors all closed and then we were wiped.  It was great fun it would of been better if we had taken it. After that the WB fell apart and destro took back every thing.

This game has some of the best moments in any game I have played. When the parts of this game work well it is really a spectacular experiance. The RVR mechanic in this game is absolutly amazing when every thing is just right.  I believe that Mythic will continue to fine tune RVR until it is perfect.

WAR Free Trials!


We’re very pleased to announce a brand new way to jump right into the fray with Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning!

The WAR 10-Day Free Trial is now available to all North American and Oceanic players! You can download the Free Trial client here. For more details about WAR trial accounts, please see the Free Trial Account FAQ.

Trial players can upgrade their accounts to a full version of the game by either purchasing a copy of the game or by upgrading directly via the Account Center. Learn more here. After you upgrade your account, the patcher will automatically patch the full game client.

Free trials are a great way to get new people into the game. I think they waited the right ammount of time to do it too. With the last patch this game is really reaching the point where people will stay with it and it will grow.  LOTRO did this same thing. The came out a little early but a few patches latter and the game is a great PVE game and I believe it is now growing. People are looking for an alternative to WoW but it must be good enough.

Warhammer announces official forums!

Read the announcement here


So, I’m pleased to announce that in the next few months Mythic will be hosting, for the first time, its own Official Forums for one of its games. Now, I expect that some (okay, a lot) of you are wondering what form these forums will take and why, after so many years of being rather vocal against OFs, are we doing them now. I hope to answer both of these questions here today.

First, as to the form the forums will take, I think it is safe to say that our Community Management team has the mandate to create and moderate the best game forums for any MMO. We have spent a lot of time both looking at other games’ support forums and talking about how we can do even better. Our forums will have all the expected niceties as well as our own twist on things. We will also have only full and part-time paid experienced moderators on the forums who will be part of the Mythic team. The forums will be laid out in an easy to access manner, low on the graphics/flash nonsense and we will not be running ads of any kind on the forums.  We will have a code of conduct on the forums which the moderators will enforce but this code will not be there to stifle debate but to ensure that name-calling, insults, threats, etc. whether to Mythic, EA, other developers and other players will not be tolerated. This is a similar policy to the one we had with our beta forums and similar to that found on some other forums.

In addition, only players with an active WAR subscription will be allowed to post on the forums. There will be a number of different account “levels” on these forums and players who show that they can contribute to the ongoing improvement of WAR, whether through suggestions, critical evaluation, user-generated content, peer-to-peer (in other words, contribution has its privileges) will be given greater access to private areas of the boards where Mythic developers (including myself and strike team leads) will be posting extensively, in addition to our posting in the public forums, and talking to these players about key issues/concerns. As an FYI, simply praising Mythic will not get players this access, we’ll be looking for those people who have shown either through our beta program or post-launch that they are actively interested in engaging in the kind of critical thinking and/or bug reporting that can help us continue to improve WAR. Also, we plan over the long-term to give additional rewards, centered on the game, for those that have really helped us out.  However, players who engage in behavior that violates our Code of Conduct will have their posting privileges restricted and they will be denied access to the forums.

We will be releasing much more information about the forums in the coming weeks and we hope to being inviting people into our forums in February to participate in upcoming Public Tests. What you see when you log into our forums will only be the first stage of our development of these forums.  We’ve only been working on these forums since December, so we haven’t had a ton of time to work on them, but we think we’re off to a great start.

Now, as to why I have reversed my rather vocal stance on internal support forums for a game. Quite frankly, I still believe that OFs are not a panacea to cure all the ills of a game. I still also remain convinced that having OFs are not a guarantee of success for an MMO. However, I do think that right now we should have our own OFs because it will allow us to communicate with and better support the players of WAR.  I spent a long time thinking about this and then talking about with this with Rob and senior leadership at Mythic. It wasn’t an easy decision to make due to a host of factors, including the cost of running these forums properly but in the end we decided that it was the right thing to do. And I want to emphasize that one of the most important factors in running these forums was that we were going to spend a significant amount of money in order to run these forums properly.  While I don’t want to put too fine a point on it and say we are sparing no expense (two movie line quotes in one sentence, FTW!) excellent (and upgradeable) forum software, paid moderators, etc. in order to give our players a great place to post and interact with each other and with the Mythic community management team and developers.  If we couldn’t have done that I would not have changed my mind.

We have had some great experiences on public forums over the last decade but the time is right to operate our own forums. I would be remiss if I didn’t take the time to thank places like the IGN Vault and the Warhammer Alliance as well as the other sites that I and/or Mythic folks have posted to over the years. We hope to continue our relationship with such sites even as we move forward with our own forums as a thank you for the support (and the occasional rotten fruit and salad mixings) that have been thrown our way. I still believe that there is a major role that these sites, and others like them, can continue to play for WAR and other MMOs in the future.  Our CM/marketing team will be happy to talk to you about that going forward.

So, every journey begins with a first step and we are in the process of taking our first step into the world of official forums. I expect we will make mistakes and encounter bumps and bruises along the way but in the end I hope we will have the best forums of any MMO. A bold statement to be sure but that is our intent.


It is about damn time. There is nothing but crap on the other forums. I agree with having to have an active account to post but the other things he talks about seems a bit controlling and deceptive. You have to be good to see what the developers post is really a bunch of SHIT. What about those that just read and dont post?

We will see how it turns out but all of the rules seems strange.