Paying for crap!

Syncaine wrote a very good post on his blog Hardcore Casual and while I do not agree with him most of the time he is right on the money this time. People bitch and moan about something in a game but continue to pay for the game they are complaining about.

People cry for a new ideas and new franchises but when a company tries a new idea they just pirate it and then bitch when developers start gimping the PC version of the game. If you want new ideas you need to take risks with your money and purchase them.

Mirrors Edge was probably my favorite game last season. It was fresh and original just what every one was asking for. But no one bought it and I doubt that EA is going to put the resources into making another one. Be we did get 2 more Call of Duty games since then. CoD is a great franchise but is more of the same and I don’t think we need 1 a year.

If you want publishers to take more risks you must give them money for trying. If you want PC versions of the game to be better than the console version you need to buy it and stop pirating. The gaming industry exists to make money.


Review Copies of Games.

Tobold posted his thoughts about review copies of games being given to bloggers.  I agree with him and may even go a little further.  I know most media sources that review games get free review copies. Sometimes they have to return them and sometimes they get to keep them.  They do not disclose that they got a free review copy. I always assume that it is a free copy.

Review copies are standard in the industry. They send them out so reviews can hit the web the same time that the game is released. This will usually boost sales unless the game is completely horrible.  Gamespot, 1up, and IGN do not tell you that the copy was supplied free of charge. I do not see it being required of bloggers either.

Now if the company wants to pay you for the review that is a different case and should be disclosed. That should not even be called a review, it is an advertisement.

So I am starting a new policy. If I receive any games for free for review I will disclose it in the post.

With that please feel free to send me all the free games you want I will give them a fair review!