Some Star Trek Online Screen Shots

This is on one of the first missions you get. I am about to rescue a stranded mining ship

This is right after I beamed down to a planet. This has been my favorite mission so far. It had several steps with multiple ground and space missions. It shows me what this game is capable of.


Ding! 35

I got my Bright Wizard to 35! Things seem to be speeding up. I got into a few scenarios and it was a lot of fun.arliin_005

Enjoying the river!


I am having a lot of fun with my Witch Hunter. I wish that my server was a little more populated and the scnerios would pop more, but I have a good guild here so I will live with it. Mythic needs to do something about the population on some servers. I would probably pay for a server transfer if they offered it.

More Troll Country

A screenshot of the Troll Country O-RVR lake.