A week of Decisions

Last week was a week of change and decisions for me. I had many decisions to make that had an influence on this blog. I really don’t like how restrictive wordpress is (design wise) but I don’t want to pay for hosting. I had also come to the realization that Star Trek Online was not going to work out for me and I needed to pick a new game that I felt I could stick with. What made me make all of these decisions this week is that I just got reduced to half time at work and thus I have a lot more time to play games and less money to do it with. It should only be temporary but I like to view this as a chance to really work on the quality of my blogging content and maybe explore some other ideas I have had for websites.

So I started to look at the best way to make my blog a little more personalized and quickly realized that wordpress was way too restrictive and you could do very little to make it look better. So I looked at blogger and they allow you to edit anything you want and allow scripts. So before really looking into it I started the transfer process. I got it all transferred and then figured out that blogger does not do pingbacks. How are other bloggers supposed to know I linked to them? It really kills conversation between blogs. So I transferred everything back to wordpress and am going to take the transfer a little slower. I will post everything on both sites until I figure out what one I want to keep. So you can follow me at Mmogchronicles.com (WordPress) or mmogchronicles.blogspot.com. I really do like blogger more so I will eventually move there but I will do it slowly so I don’t mess anything up.

The second decision I had to make was what game I will play now that STO had failed for me. So I started by posting this survey and I posted it to reddit and it got more votes than I thought it would but not enough considering all the choices that I had. The results showed an overwhelming amount of people would choose WoW if they could only pick one game. So I went to WoW and tried one of their trials. Second was the release of allods I had tried the game for a few hours during beta and decided that I would try it at release.

So throughout the week and weekend I played various games trying to figure out what one I would play. I don’t like switching games all the time and I know that it does not interest readers if I keep switching. I finally figured out at about 11pm on Saturday night while I was running my warrior around auberdine that I don’t like to do nothing but quests. I like to mix it up with some PVP and I don’t like to wait till max level to do it. So I queued for a BG and quickly found out that the game had changed and I was not going to be competing in this game without a max level character. I was a warrior and I was getting 2 shotted by people.

Then it hit me Warhammer! That was my answer. I reactivated my account and started RVRing in about 2 mins. Tried out some of my other characters and all of the other tiers were really active. Their free trial thing is working out well. It felt like a newly released game.

So there you go I am back to a place that I think I can stay for awhile and with the new patch coming I see me playing this for some time.


Blog Roll

I just spent my lunch updating my blog roll.  I miss my feed reading blog roll from when I paid to have my blog hosted.

2010 Predictions

Everyone is doing it so I thought I would jump in and make some predictions for the New Year.

Here they are

  1. WAR will stop loosing subscribers and start a slow and steady climb up. It will get a huge infusion of players when an expansion is announced that introduces a third faction
  2. Aion will continue to lose subscribers and will settle at about 200k it will merge servers and will release most of the features in its visions trailer. The first features to be released will be the graphics enhancements and player housing.
  3. WoW will not release Cataclysm and will bleed subscribers as people burn out and run out of content. Most of them will go to F2P games
  4. Star Trek Online will be just like champions online nice opening numbers and people will quickly quit because it does not have any content.
  5. Mortal Online will release and will not totally suck like Darkfall did
  6. Syncaine at Casual Hardcore will burn out on Darkfall and his post will turn into DF hate posts as he switches to Mortal Online or FreeRealms he will deny ever loving DF and delete all of his DF love posts.

And a few long shot predictions

  1. WAR or/and Lotro will go F2P
  2. Everquest 3 (Different name Norrath Online) will be announced and this will be the WoW killer (2011 prediction). It will also be F2P with a subscription option
  3. We will see no AAA titles released this year
  4. Star Wars Galaxies will be shutdown

There you go!

I am back

I am back!

I got a week off of work and I needed it. I am now refreshed and ready to get to blogging again.


I have dived head first into this game, I am grinding my heart out and I am really enjoying it. I am enjoying it so much I have started a legion!

I have never run or had a need to run a guild before. I am a casual player and thus I don’t like things that tie me to a game and being a guild leader is one of those things. But I love to have a guild to chat with and quest with.

I have 2 very simple requirements for a guild, no vent and it must be a casual guild. I looked for 2 days in aion trying to find a guild that met these requirements and did not find one. So I decided that I was not the only one that wanted this and created <Casual Crusaders> (I stole the name from a champion’s online guild I was in).

The whole idea is that this guild will be a place to hang out and have fun. With that in mind I have made every member so far an officer with all rights except kick. I hope that this will let the guild grow and establish its self when I am not there. It has 8 members so far and it seems to be a good group of people.

This is kind of an experiment for me and I hope it turns out. I am hoping that having a guild in Aion will help me to stick to it for a longer period of time than I normally do.

I got my spiritmaster from level 15 to 22 this week and so far it has not seemed like too much of a grind. It kind of reminds me of some old school games because it is slow to level but there is plenty of content to keep me entertained. I am enjoying the trip to the top and that is something I have not done in awhile.

So that is a quick update on what has been happening. I plan on posting a predictions post tomorrow. It seems all the cool blogs are doing it!

Buy Aion

My transfer to WordPress.com

I have forwarded my domain to wordpress.com and we will see how it goes. I hope that I get to stay here for a while. I have changed hosts just a little too much in the last year. I am going to miss a lot of the features that I got hosting my own blog but I think I can live with it.

MMOG Chronicles is going F2P

Well I am in the process of transferring my blog to wordpress.com. Dealing with my own hosting has become troublesome and the cost has become unjustifiable for a small hobby.

So I just transferred the feedburner feed here. I will post every thing on both sites until it is all cleaned up. This transfer will take a while as I try to figure out how to avoid loosing my established links.



Site Changes

I am trying a new ad provider to try to get more relevant ads.  The new ads are all picked by me and I hope that it makes them less annoying (and more productive).  It will also eliminate the gold spam ads.  Some people ask why do I have ads in the first place? Well I would at least like to pay for hosting $7.99 per month. So far I have not paid for a single month.

I personally do not mind ads much as long as they are not annoying, I may have even clicked on one or two in the past. My wife on the other hand hates all ads in all media, but I figure for her they make programs like adblock.  If the ads bother you I would defitnetly suggest adblock it is a really sweet ad on for firefox. If you are not using firefox please stop browsing the web and go here and download it now! It is safer faster and just plain better then IE.