I am back

I am back!

I got a week off of work and I needed it. I am now refreshed and ready to get to blogging again.


I have dived head first into this game, I am grinding my heart out and I am really enjoying it. I am enjoying it so much I have started a legion!

I have never run or had a need to run a guild before. I am a casual player and thus I don’t like things that tie me to a game and being a guild leader is one of those things. But I love to have a guild to chat with and quest with.

I have 2 very simple requirements for a guild, no vent and it must be a casual guild. I looked for 2 days in aion trying to find a guild that met these requirements and did not find one. So I decided that I was not the only one that wanted this and created <Casual Crusaders> (I stole the name from a champion’s online guild I was in).

The whole idea is that this guild will be a place to hang out and have fun. With that in mind I have made every member so far an officer with all rights except kick. I hope that this will let the guild grow and establish its self when I am not there. It has 8 members so far and it seems to be a good group of people.

This is kind of an experiment for me and I hope it turns out. I am hoping that having a guild in Aion will help me to stick to it for a longer period of time than I normally do.

I got my spiritmaster from level 15 to 22 this week and so far it has not seemed like too much of a grind. It kind of reminds me of some old school games because it is slow to level but there is plenty of content to keep me entertained. I am enjoying the trip to the top and that is something I have not done in awhile.

So that is a quick update on what has been happening. I plan on posting a predictions post tomorrow. It seems all the cool blogs are doing it!

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