The Real Life Effect: TRLE

The Real Life Effect, this is a serious problem that plaques many people who play MMOs.  I have been infected with this little bug lately and have not been able to post much on my blog. Life has taken some recent turns that have seemed to take all of my play time away. My little 18 month old boy has come down with the flu, my 5 month pregnant wife has the same flu, I am trying to build a house (with my own 2 hands).  So to say the least real life has been kicking my ass. On top of all that I have been feeling burned out on WAR and have been playing EQ2 and freerealms in my spare time.

I am not quitting WAR at all just pausing to take a look at some other things. This will happen on almost all new MMO releases.  FreeRealms is a fun little game but I could never make it my main MMO,  EQ2 is very fun after the PVE lite that exist in WAR.  But I am already getting the urge to go back to WAR, nothing compares to the PVP experience that it offers.

But fear not I have some post that I am working on that should be some good reads, a review of EQ2, my recent city siege experience,   and my thoughts on the land of the dead. They are just taking me a little longer to get out then I was planning. So until then check out some of the blogs in my blog roll or some of my older post that you may have missed.

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freepicapriljtmA few hours late but SOE’s newest MMO is here! It arrived about 11 last night.

Free Realms

Go Get it!