I am a visionary

Syp over at Biobreak has just suggested that Guild Wars 2 may very well be the game that surprises every one and surpases WoW. I suggested this about 4 months ago and since then even more information has come out about  the game that looks VERY promising.

TOR will die under its own hype. There is no way that it can live up to the hype it is creating.

The whole story-driven mmo thing will kill it. If you look at all the games that have tried to copy WoW the one thing they did that did not work was try to add more “you are the hero” type of things and by doing this they have killed re-playability and the sense of a large, living world.  The reason people play WoW is to live in another world. I don’t know a single person that really cares about the story.

With all that said I will defiantly play TOR and I will probably love it, but I do not think it will be as great as every one is hoping. I believe that Guild Wars 2 will surpass everyones expectations and be one of the next big games if not THE one.