DING 40!

Thats right I have finally made it.  It has been a long road for me with over 9 days played time. I take a long time to level.  I have  most of my annihilator set just missing one piece.  I am enjoying WAR more than I ever have before.  Our guild is growing with lots of new people to the game. It is very exciting!  I plan on getting my Renown Rank up and doing some instances and starting a tank alt.

The Land of the Dead expansion is a great expansion the PQs are fun and original. The loot so far has been pretty lame but I have not done any lairs yet, so I hope that changes.


More land of the dead info on Massively

It tells a story and immerses you rather than just throwing themed encounters at you. Sure, this mystique will wear off over time, but I don’t see this dungeon becoming something like other MMO dungeons. It’s very different, and it’s alot of fun. Land of the Dead is totally something you need to experience.

This is getting me more excited about this update. I am going to have to get my BW to 40 before this comes out.  I hope that it revitalizes the game and brings back some people that have been getting bored. This game has always needed better PVE to keep people coming back and it looks like Mythic finally gets that.